Honduran Caravan Leader Sentenced to 15 Years for Child Rape

Juan Carlos Molina, 26, the organizer of the latest caravan destined to the US border, was arrested in Honduras for an outstanding warrant from 2015 for raping his 12-year-old cousin. The child became pregnant and gave birth to a son. A DNA test of the infant matched Molina’s DNA. Molina became a fugitive but now has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison. If he had made it to the border, there is an excellent chance he would have entered the US and been given benefits. -GEG

The organizer of the latest migrant caravan in Honduras, Juan Carlos Molina, was arrested on rape charges.

The man had an arrest warrant since August 2015.

It gets worse…

Police in Honduras arrested 26-year-old Juan Carlos Molina, a migrant
caravan organizer who was on his way to the United States to seek
asylum for raping his minor cousin, according to Diario La Tribuna.

According to La Tribuna, Juan Carlos Molina raped his minor cousin, who was under the age of 12 at the time.

Molina snuck into his cousin’s bedroom at night while the young
girl’s mother was away at work and raped her, according to La Tribuna.

The minor child became pregnant and gave birth to a son. A DNA test of the infant matched Molina’s DNA.

Juan Carlos Molina skipped court dates and evaded law enforcement and
ultimately became a fugitive. He would have made it to the US if he
hadn’t been arrested.

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US Announces $10.6 Billion in Welfare Aid to Central America and Southern Mexico as More Caravans Head to US

President Trump backs away from yet another position that pleased his supporters.  After threatening to shut down the government if Congress did not fund the wall, he has changed his mind.  Instead, the US State Department, which is under the control of the the President, announced $10.6 billion from American taxpayers to be given to governments in Central America and southern Mexico to make life sufficiently better in those countries so that no one will want to migrate to the US. [!]  Meanwhile, four more migrant caravans are on their way to the US southern border. -GEG

The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico.

The U.S aid aims to promote better security conditions and job opportunities as part of a regional plan to allow Central Americans and Mexicans to remain in their countries and not have to emigrate.

The plan was announced in a joint U.S.-Mexican statement released by the State Department and read aloud by Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard in the Mexican capital.

“In sum I think this is good news, very good news for Mexico,” Ebrard said.

Newly inaugurated President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador waxed poetic about the plan to provide jobs so people won’t have to emigrate.

“I have a dream that I want to see become a reality … that nobody will want to go work in the United States anymore,” Lopez Obrador said at a morning news conference before the announcement.

The combination of public and private investment for the stay-at-home effort doesn’t require congressional approval, unlike Trump’s signature project to stem illegal immigration — a border wall.

The U.S. State Department issued a simultaneous statement saying “The United States is committing $5.8 billion through public and private investment to promote institutional reforms and development in the Northern Triangle,” a term that refers to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Lopez Obrador’s administration has said it is also interested in agricultural, forestry and tourism projects in southern Mexico, and the U.S. said it will contribute to those efforts.

The U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation “is prepared to invest and mobilize $2 billion in additional funds for projects in southern Mexico that are viable and attract private sector investment,” according to the statement. “This amount is in addition to the $2.8 billion in projects for Mexico through OPIC’s current investment pipeline.”

Ebrard said “The commitments established here signify more than doubling foreign investment in southern Mexico starting in 2019.”

Southern states like Chiapas and Oaxaca are home to many of Mexico’s poorest communities. Lopez Obrador, who took office Dec. 1, has sought to make development in that region a priority, including plans for a “Mayan train” stretching from touristy parts of the Yucatan Peninsula down to Chiapas.

It was unclear if Mexico would give anything in return. A planned announcement about Mexico’s migration policy was postponed until Wednesday.

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Tijuana’s Health Department Reports that 2,267 Migrants at Border Are Being Treated for Disease and Lice

Tijuana’s Health Department reports that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues.  About 60% of the migrants treated have respiratory illnesses, with three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four separate cases of chickenpox, in addition to at least 101 cases of lice and multiple skin infections.  Officials worry that Hepatitis could break out in the unsanitary conditions.
Hundreds of migrants have accepted free flights home rather than continue to stay in the filth-strewn sports complex that has become their temporary home.  The sports venue can  accommodate only 1,000 people.  Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said Tuesday that the city has enough money to assist the migrants only for a few more days, with the city saying it’s spending around $30,000 a day.
Meanwhile reports declare that 10,000 new migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are on their way to the US border.

Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues, Tijuana’s Health Department warned on Thursday morning.

The spokesman told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues.

There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four separate cases of chickenpox, the spokesman said.

At least 101 migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections, the department’s data shows.

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Trump Gives Border Troops Authority to Use Lethal Force, Threatens to Close the Border

President Trump said that he has authorized American troops on the US-Mexico border to “use lethal force” if necessary to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel from migrants if they engage in violence.  Trump also threatened to close “the whole border” if it becomes uncontrollable or if Americans protecting the border get hurt.  Trump said that there were 500 criminals traveling with the caravan, which was reported by the Department of Homeland Security last week. 

President Donald Trump said Thursday he has authorized American troops on the US-Mexico border to “use lethal force” if necessary against an approaching group of migrants while also threatening to close “the whole border.”

Trump, who was speaking with military members and reporters at Mar-a-Lago, also said there “certainly could” be a government shutdown over border wall funding in December.
“If they have to, they’re going to use lethal force. I’ve given the OK,” Trump said. “If they have to — I hope they don’t have to.”
“I have no choice,” Trump said, and, without providing evidence, added, “You’re dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals” and “rough people.”
Earlier this week, Trump approved a memorandum that granted new authority to troops on the border to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel from migrants if they engage in violence. Until the new authority was granted, troops were not allowed to intervene if CBP personnel came under attack unless they needed to act in their own self-defense.
Trump has sent nearly 6,000 troops to the US-Mexico border to protect against a group of migrants coming through Mexico from Central America. Many of the migrants have said they are seeking asylum and fleeing gang violence and persecution in their home countries. Trump ordered the deployment shortly before the midterm elections, when Trump was making the fight against illegal immigration a central part of his pitch for Republicans seeking office.
Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday “there has been no call for any lethal force from (the Department of Homeland Security),” saying that any troops backing up customs personnel would not be carrying firearms but could be equipped with shields and batons.
Trump on Thursday also said “two days ago we closed the border,” and added, “nobody’s coming in.”

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Obama-Appointed Judge Stops Trump Asylum Ban as Migrant Caravan Approaches the Border

California:  US District Judge Jon Tigar ruled in favor of lawsuits from groups including the SPLC and ACLU that opposed President Trump’s executive order that deemed any illegal border crossers ineligible for asylum if they crossed anywhere other than official ports of entry.  Judge Tigar said that refugees can seek asylum “whether or not at a designated port of arrival” is used.  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 107 people detained between official crossings have sought asylum since Trump’s order went into effect.

A federal judge has barred the Trump administration from turning away refugees who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, saying all should be allowed to apply for asylum, regardless of how they entered America.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar ruled in favor of legal groups that filed lawsuits after President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Nov. 9 that deemed any illegal border crossers ineligible for asylum if they crossed anywhere other than official ports of entry.

“Whatever the scope of the President’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,” said Tigar, a nominee of former President Barack Obama.

But the Trump administrations argues the Trump executive order is “consistent with our immigration laws.”

“The President has the broad authority to suspend or restrict the entry of aliens into the United States if he determines it to be in the national interest to do so,” Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a joint statement after Trump took his action.

“Our asylum system is overwhelmed with too many meritless asylum claims from aliens who place a tremendous burden on our resources, preventing us from being able to expeditiously grant asylum to those who truly deserve it. Today, we are using the authority granted to us by Congress to bar aliens who violate a Presidential suspension of entry or other restriction from asylum eligibility.”

Trump said Nov. 9 on the White House lawn: “We want people to come into our country, but they have to come into the country legally.”

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DHS Reports that 500 Criminals Are Traveling with Migrant Caravan.  Mexicans in Tijuana  Protest Against the Migrants.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned that there are 500 criminals included in the caravans of migrants headed for the border.  DHS temporarily shut down the border at San Ysidro, California, the world’s busiest land border crossing, to ‘harden’ it in response to reports that caravan migrants planned a ‘border rush’ to illegally enter the US.  Officials are processing 80 asylum applications per day, and it could take 80 days or more to process all 6,000 migrants currently waiting in Tijuana.  The long wait times are meant to discourage new migrants and to pressure Mexico into restricting entry on its border with Central America.
On Sunday, hundreds of angry locals in Tijuana, Mexico protested the Honduran migrants, calling them as “criminals” and “freeloaders” who were openly flouting Mexican law.  Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum denounced the ‘hordes’ of migrants and called upon the Mexican government for swift deportation.  Some of the migrants are ungrateful, and one Honduran woman complained that the food (refried beans) were substandard and “As if they were feding the pigs.”

Video recorded by a citizen journalist at Friendship Park in San Diego shows gaps in the border fence that are wide enough for humans to pass through and illegally enter the US.

The migrant caravan that is amassing at the San Diego border contains over 500 criminals, the Department of Homeland Security warned Monday. Contrary to reports by the media and immigrant activists, DHS officials said, the vast majority of the migrants are men, not women and children. The reports come amid growing tension between residents of Tijuana and the increasing number of migrants that officials say may be there for months.

DHS officials made the claims during a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon reported by Fox News, which notes that officials said “most” of the estimated 6,000 members of the caravan gathered at the border are young men. To garner public sympathy, DHS officials said, migrant activists have tried to push the women and children to the front for the cameras.

Among the 6,000 migrants are more than 500 known criminals, officials said. Mexican officials expect the number of migrants aggregating in Tijuana near the San Ysidro border crossing to exceed 10,000 soon, and that swelling number of asylum-seekers will require housing, which the government says it does not have the resources to provide.

U.S. officials say they are addressing the crisis with “all legal options,” but have stressed that the migrants will not be permitted to cross the border until their asylum requests are fully processed, which Fox notes could take up to six months. To help deal with the massive number of migrants, the department temporarily shut down the crossing on Monday.

“Asylum seekers are registering their names in a tattered notebook managed by migrants themselves that had more than 3,000 names even before the first members of the leading caravan started arriving last week,” Fox reports.

While most of the migrants are seeking asylum, some have already attempted to force their way in, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday. “Unfortunately, some members of the caravan are purposely causing disruptions at our border ports of entry,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wrote Monday. “There is a legal and illegal way to enter the U.S. We have deployed additional forces to protect our border.”

As the Daily Wire reported, pushback against the caravan has escalated in Tijuana, with hundreds of Tijuana residents gathering on Sunday to protest the unmanageable influx of migrants. Calling it an “invasion,” Mexican protesters declared, “No more Caravans”, and “Let’s save Tijuana, no more caravans!” “Donald Trump was right, this is an invasion!” demonstrators chanted, the Daily Wire reported. “Get out Hondurans, we do not want you here.”

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Mexico: Women and Child Migrants Go Missing from Caravan, Witness Says They Have Been Sold!

Two trucks from the caravan disappeared in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. A witness who escaped told officials that about “65 children and seven women were sold” by the driver to a group of armed men. Yet the migrants keep coming despite the threats of violence and a high rate of sexual attacks. Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America, with the world’s second-highest homicide rate, trailing El Salvador.
Author and researcher Ann Coulter calls out leftists and the NGO Pueblos Sins Fronteras (Countries Without Borders) who organized the caravans of Hondurans to flood the US border just before the midterm election in order to show that the US that President Trump cannot stop the migrants. She says the caravan was planned as a stunt to impact American political opinion. As a side effect, women and children are being set up to be kidnapped, raped, and sold.  She says the leftists behind this stunt should be prosecuted for complicity in human smuggling. -GEG


The Hondurans who banded together last month to travel northward to the United States, fleeing gangs, corruption and poverty, were joined by other Central Americans hoping to find safety in numbers on this perilous journey.

But group travel couldn’t save everyone.

Earlier this month, two trucks from the caravan disappeared in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. One person who escaped told officials that about “65 children and seven women were sold” by the driver to a group of armed men.

Mexican authorities are searching for the migrants, but history shows that people missing for more than 24 hours are rarely found in Mexico – alive or at all.

An average of 12 people disappear each day in Mexico. Most are victims of a raging three-way war among the Mexican armed forces, organized crime and drug cartels.

The military crackdown on criminal activity has actually escalated violence in Mexico since operations began in 2006, my research and other security studies show.

Nearly 22,000 people were murdered in Mexico in the first eight months of this year, a dismal record in one of the world’s deadliest places.

Central Americans fleeing similarly rampant violence back home confront those risks and others on their journey to the United States. Doctors Without Borders found that over two-thirds of migrants surveyed in Mexico in 2014 experienced violence en route. One-third of women had been sexually abused.

Mexico’s security crisis may explain why so few caravan members want to stay there.

In response to President Donald Trump’s demands that Mexico “stop this onslaught,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that migrants who applied for asylum at Mexico’s southern border would be given shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs.

About 1,700 of the estimated 5,000 caravan members took him up on the offer.

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Filmmaker Joins Caravan of Migrants, Exposes Mainstream Media Lies.  First Wave of Caravans Hits the US Border at San Diego.

Tijuana, Mexico: The first wave of migrants, about 500 men, arrived at the US border at San Diego, and many climbed the border fence and taunted Border Patrol officers.  A few days earlier a group of about 85 migrants from the LGBTQ+ community arrived in Tijuana accompanied by US lawyers who were paying their expenses.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Oaxaca, Mexico and reported that more than 90% of the caravan migrants are men seeking jobs and welfare, despite mainstream media lies that the caravans are filled with women and children who are trying to escape extreme violence in their countries.  The journey is costing million of dollars in food, water, transportation, medicine and services, and the Mexican police are shown escorting the migrants and supply trucks.  Pueblos Sin Fronteras is working to erase borders and US sovereignty and is hostile toward the US.  The United Nations is also assisting the migrants.  Horowitz concludes that migrants are being used by leftist organizations to weaken American sovereignty and border security.

The first waves of caravan migrants, totaling nearly 500, mostly men, reached the U.S. border at San Diego this week. One group of about 350-400 arrived Tuesday with many of them climbing a tall border fence in an act of defiance as Border Patrol agents watched from a distance. Two migrants were filmed jumping over the fence, located at the Playas De Tijuana and San Diego border, taunting Border Patrol officers assembled at a watchful distance before climbing back up the fence to the Mexican side.

A few days earlier a group of about 85 migrants arrived in Tijuana accompanied by U.S. lawyers who were paying their expenses.

KGTV-TV reported:

“The first group of people from the migrant caravan have arrived in Tijuana, according to a Mexican journalist.

“According to journalist Jorge Nieto, the group has 85 people. This group is reportedly people of the LGBTQ+ community and they left the others behind because they felt they were being discriminated against.

“They arrived at the Tijuana bus station, then took buses to an Airbnb in Playas de Tijuana, paid for by US lawyers with the caravan.

“Once at the house, neighbors clashed with the migrants, “Yelling at them go away go to a shelter, this is not your place, all you came here this is a safe area and we are afraid of you,” Nieto said shelters aren’t an option as they are already over capacity from the last caravan.”

That claim was contradicted by a later report that there is room for 900 migrants at Tijuana shelters.

Desert Sun – USA Today reporter Rebecca Plevin  posted a photo of the fence climbers on Tuesday but then deleted the photo from Twitter. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, reposted the photo.

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Trump’s New Restrictions on Asylum Seekers that Requires Them to Wait in Line Is Challenged by ACLU and SPLC

Last week, in an effort to stop the flood of migrants seeking economic benefit, President Trump signed an order to halt asylum claims made by people who illegally cross the US border with Mexico.  In the past fiscal year, 140,000 migrants from Central and South America have entered the US illegally!  Trump’s new rule requires migrants to make asylum claims at official points of entry where “they would be processed in a controlled, orderly, and lawful manner.”   The migrants will be funneled into the crowded entry points, with the hope that the long waits will discourage them, and they will apply for asylum in Mexico instead.  Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies says that migrants who are unable to get the asylum hearing that they seek, will likely be processed and released into the US, which is their goal.

As expected, Trump’s order has been challenged.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) is violating immigration law as well as the federal statute that governs the way administrative agencies can issue rules.

Trump has ordered thousands of additional troops to the US-Mexico border to offer support for border patrol agents in addition to more national guard troops who were dispatched to the border earlier in the year.


The Left-Wing Media Elevates Migrants While Insulting Americans. Liberal Journalists Are Lying about the the Admitted Criminals in the Caravan.

Sources at the border report that the caravan is 70% single men, and Mexico’s own ambassador said in an NPR interview that many are “very violent.”  However, the leftist media is lying to Americans about the caravan not being dangerous, while denigrating their own countrymen.  The left needs immigrant voters because they cannot win elections based on their ideas and philosophy.  An article in the New York Times advocated for replacing the “embittered white conservative minority”.

One of the men in the caravan admitted that he was charged with a 3rd degree felony of attempted murder.  Mexican authorities arrested two young Honduran men on charges of shooting at federal police officers who were escorting the caravan.  Another incident involved men from Central America who set fires in an immigration facility in Mexico in an attempt to escape from being deported.  Mexican authorities are reporting the use of firearms and Molotov cocktails by the migrants.  Reporters have noted that members of the brutal MS-13 gang are embedded in the caravan. 

Mexican Federal Police were reportedly fired upon by two armed Honduran migrants, identified only as “Jerson” (22) and “Carlos” (17), near Ignacio Zaragoza in the Mexican state of Chiapas this week as the police were providing an armed security for the notoriously unsafe caravan.

Thanks to the attacker’s .380 pistol jamming, the police officers were able to arrest the two men.

The shooting occurred shortly after Mexican authorities announced they were investigating the manufacturing and use of Molotov cocktails and other incendiary weapons within the migrants’ ranks.

Americans’ concerns about the security risks present in this caravan seem to be increasingly vindicated by the day. And, as we at MRCTV have stated previously, Obama’s attempt to downplay Republican concerns regarding the “bunch of impoverished, malnourished refugees 1,000 miles away” looks increasingly laughable.

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Four Ways that President Trump Can Stop the ‘Invasion’ of the Caravan Hordes

Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) revealed that President has four avenues to thwart the migrant caravan that include: Closing the border, shutting down bogus asylum claims, refusing entry to caravan migrants, and mandating that asylum claims be made in the embassies of the migrant’s home country, not at a Port of Entry.  He also said that asylum claims are not legitimate if the claim is not made in the first country the asylum seeker reaches.  The DOJ must investigate who is funding the caravan as it can be prosecuted under RICO laws. 

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says a 7,000-person migrant caravan that is headed to the U.S.-Mexico border is “an invasion” that President Trump has the executive power to stop.

In an interview with Fox News, Gohmert said Trump has the power executively “to stop an invasion,” which in this case is the migrant caravan.

“[President Trump] has made clear that this basically is an invasion and it needs to be stopped,” Gohmert said.

“In an emergency situation, he has additional powers. But he doesn’t even need those powers to stop an invasion coming across and say, ‘We’re closing the border, Mexico, until you disperse all of these people and do not allow them to come to our border,’” Gohmert continued.

The Texas congressman cited a Breitbart News report where the Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan detailed four ways that the migrant caravan can be halted before the foreign nationals try to cross into the U.S.

Those four avenues Trump can take in regards to the caravan include: Closing the border, shutting down bogus asylum claims, refusing entry to caravan migrants, and mandating that asylum claims be made in the embassies of the migrant’s home country, not at a Port of Entry.

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The Caravan of Invaders on the Move from Central America Is Growing Whhile Politicians Use Them to Bolster Their Base

Democrats propose the failed strategy of giving more money to Central American countries to lift them from poverty, instead of encouraging a market economy in a free society, property rights, rule of law and an independent judiciary that stabilizes countries and creates wealth. Democratic and Republican politicians benefit from the migration crisis because it riles up and unites each of their bases, which are polarized, in a classic left/ right paradigm.

Irineo Mujica, the organizer of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the NGO group that is leading the caravan, was arrested by Mexican police on Thursday.  Thousands of Hondurans tore down the border gate in Guatemala and stormed the Mexican border, as the number of migrant invaders pressing toward the US border has swelled to more than 7,000.  The the caravan is reported to be more than two miles long, and could reach the US border by election day November 6th.  President Trump issued a warning to Mexico and other Central American nations over their failure to stop illegal migrants targeting the US border, saying he would send the military and shut down the southern border.  The caravan is made up mostly of men but also includes hundreds of women and children, some of whom claim to be fleeing violence. 

A growing caravan of roughly 7,000 Central American immigrants continued its trek toward the United States on Sunday, blowing past Mexican police and immigration officials.

The group, which has swelled in size in recent days, set out before dawn on the only road out of the small Mexican border town of Ciudad Hidalgo. It arrived in the afternoon in the city of Tapachula, more than 20 miles away.

The migrants, nearly all from the poor and violent nation of Honduras, posed a growing political and humanitarian calamity for Mexico, which has come under intense pressure from President Trump to stop them.

On Friday, Mexican police used tear gas to block migrants from storming an official border crossing. But in the days since, Mexico has appeared unwilling to use force to stop the thousands of people who have illegally crossed the Suchiate River from Guatemala into Mexico and started walking north.

That may be in part because the migrants include hundreds of women and small children, some in strollers. It could also be because of the daunting size of the caravan, which stretched for at least two miles.

As the caravan headed north Sunday in the 90-degree heat, another group of roughly 1,500 migrants waited on the Guatemalan side of the river, hoping to enter Mexico legally.

Authorities said more than 1,000 caravan members already have entered legally and applied for refugee status in Mexico and are being detained while their applications are processed.

The migrants left Honduras more than a week ago and began arriving several days ago at the Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman, just across the river from Ciudad Hidalgo.

Most say they intend to cross into the United States, not seek refuge in Mexico. Some complain that they were unable to find work in Honduras. Others say they are fleeing violence or political repression there and hope to apply for asylum in the U.S.

Ingrid Andino, her husband and their two children left their small town in Honduras about a month ago after a local gang started pressuring her 16-year-old son to sell drugs. “They were going to kill him or kill us,” she said.

Andino said her family stayed with relatives in another town for a time before seeing the caravan on the news and deciding to join.

On Sunday, she and her family walked north in a line, holding hands, while she carried a bag containing the family’s possessions balanced on her head.

Trump has made the caravan a campaign issue at rallies across the country ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, calling it a menace to national security. He has threatened Mexico and Central American countries with economic reprisal if they fail to stop the migrants and vowed to send the military to close the U.S. border should the group make it that far.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, under pressure from Trump, has said repeatedly that no migrants will be allowed to enter the country in an “irregular” manner. Mexico’s deterrence of those who tried to storm the official border crossing Friday drew praise from Trump.

But when droves of people began crossing the river, swimming or boarding rafts, Mexican police and immigration agents just watched.

Gerardo Hernandez, head of the civil protection agency in the municipality of Suchiate, Chiapas, said that as of Saturday night, 7,233 immigrants had been registered at a shelter in Ciudad Hidalgo.