Bono NGO: African Migrants Full of ‘Youthful Energy’ Needed to Replace ‘Senile,’ Aging Europeans

Jamie Drummond, the Executive Director of ONE, Irish singer Bono’s so-called charity, was pushing mass immigration into Europe, especially from Africa, as its population of 1.2 billion people is expected to double by 2050. He claimed in the video that was recorded last year that Europeans needed an influx of migrants “to do stuff” because “we will be senile.” Meanwhile, ONE raises millions of dollars each year, yet spends very little money on the ground for the causes it ostensibly supports.

Africa’s population is soon going to “double” and “whatever the circumstances” will mass migrate to Europe — “and that is a good thing,” according to the executive director of Bono’s “ONE” NGO.

“As Africa’s population doubles, a lot of them, whatever the circumstances, will be coming to Europe, as economic migrants or as refugees, they will be coming, many of them,” ONE co-founder Jamie Drummond told the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade and Defence last year. “And that is a good thing.”

we will be senile,” Drummond said. “We will be senescent
demographically. We’ll need their youthful energy to do stuff. So, that
is just what the economic statistics tell you and the demographic data
demands, you know, demography is destiny.”

He continued: “Europe and Africa are going to have a very close 21st
century. The question is what kind of closeness will it be. And these
kinds of investments through the aid program but also into people’s
minds and ideas about who we are gives less succour to the xenophobes
and populists who will otherwise do very well in the political climate
over the next couple of decades if we don’t get this right, and I think
we should all be quite worried quite frankly if we don’t make these
investments and we don’t also make the investments not just in aid but
in other policies like transparency.”

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