Health Fears Prompt Swiss 5G Revolt. Citizens May Call Referendum to Stop Roll Out.

Switzerland was among the first countries to begin rapidly deploying 5G wireless technology, but health fears over radiation from the antennas have sparked a nationwide revolt, and citizens are calling for a referendum on the issue in the country famous for its direct democratic system. A group of experts was appointed by the Swiss government last year to probe the risks involved with 5G, but their findings won’t be published until the end of the year.

By early July, 334 antennae stations for 5G were operational across the country. But several cantons have demanded a halt to construction. Operators are still converting existing 4G antennae for 5G use — something they can do without authorization. National carrier Swisscom says it expects 90% of the population to have 5G access by the end of the year – whether they want it or not. -GEG

Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology have sparked a nationwide revolt.

Demonstrators against the technology are due to fill the streets of Bern later this month, but already a number of cantons have been pressured to put planned constructions of 5G-compatible antennae on ice.

The technology has been swept up in the deepening trade war between China and the United States, which has tried to rein in Chinese giant Huawei — the world’s leader in superfast 5G equipment — over fears it will allow Beijing to spy on communications from countries that use its products and services.

But far from the clash of the titans, a growing number of Swiss are voicing alarm at possible health effects from exposure to the electromagnetic rays radiating from the new antennae, and are threatening to put the issue to a referendum in the country famous for its direct democratic system.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

In February, Switzerland took a big step towards deployment when it attributed 5G frequencies to three major operators, Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt, allowing the country to rake in revenues of nearly 380 million Swiss francs ($384 million, 350 million euros).

High on their success, the operators raced to trumpet on television advertisements and billboards that the cutting-edge technology would be available this year in cities, in the countryside and even in mountainous regions.

By early July, 334 antennae stations for 5G were operational across the country, authorities told AFP.

– Referendum? –
But the rollout has run into some serious hurdles.

Several cantons including Geneva have buckled to pressure from online petitioners demanding a halt to construction of the 5G infrastructure.

But while no new antennae are being built in parts of the country, the operators are still converting existing 4G antennae for 5G use — something they can do without authorisation.

National carrier Swisscom thus says it expects 90 percent of the population to have 5G access by the end of the year.

Opponents meanwhile warn that 5G poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared to previous generations of mobile technology, and are urging authorities to place a full-fledged moratorium on the rollout.

They will organise a large protest on September 21 in front of the government buildings in Bern, and are also working towards putting the issue to a popular vote.

“I think we have most citizens on our side,” Coco Tache-Berther, of the organisation Fequencia, told AFP, saying Switzerland’s rapid roll-out of 5G was “ultra-shocking”.

Olivier Pahud, who regularly demonstrates against 5G in front of the UN in Geneva, agreed, insisting the technology will have “impacts on health, on the environment, on people’s capacity to think.”

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EMF-Testing Professional Says 5G Microwaves Must Be Outlawed

Dr. Artra became alarmed over the fact that the telecom industry is hiding scientific proof that EMF radiation causes biological damage at levels far below what now is commonly found in metropolitan areas. If the push for legalization of 5G cell-tower technology is successful, we will be exposed to much greater power levels and higher frequencies, both of which are known to be destructive of human DNA, the immune system, the reproductive system, and the neurological system, especially the brain.

Iishana Artra, PhD, will deliver her message at the Red Pill Expo in Hartford, Connecticut, June 7–9. If you cannot attend, you can watch the event online after the video is delivered to the Archives of Red Pill University.

Dr. Artra became alarmed over the fact that the telecom industry is hiding scientific proof that EMF radiation causes biological damage at levels far below what now is commonly found in metropolitan areas. If the push for legalization of 5G cell-tower technology is successful, we will be exposed to much greater power levels and higher frequencies, both of which are known to be destructive of human DNA, the immune system, the reproductive system, and the neurological system, especially the brain.

Outrage over this criminality led her to become an activist to bring the truth to the people and to help develop a movement to prevent what she thinks will be the most widespread attack on biological life and personal dignity in history. This a presentation you will not want to miss.

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Could 5G Radiation Cause Weather-Forecasting Satellites to Fail?

Meteorologists around the world are concerned that the new 5G wireless system now being rolled out across the globe could seriously affect their ability to predict major storms. They say that 5G is likely to disrupt the satellite instruments forecasters use to monitor changes in the atmosphere, and this would impair warnings about storms. -GEG

New mobile system to be launched this year ‘will put lives at risk’

The introduction of 5G mobile phone networks could seriously affect weather forecasters’ ability to predict major storms.

is the stark warning of meteorologists around the world, who say the
next-generation wireless system now being rolled out across the globe is
likely to disrupt the delicate satellite instruments they use to
monitor changes in the atmosphere.

The result will be impaired forecasts, poorer warnings about major storms, and loss of life, they say.

“The way 5G
is being introduced could seriously compromise our ability to forecast
major storms,” said Tony McNally of the European Centre for Medium-Range
Weather Forecasts in Reading. “In the end it could make the difference
between life and death. We are very concerned about this.”

crisis facing the world’s meteorologists stems from the fact that the
radio frequencies the new 5G networks will use could contaminate
critical Earth observations made by weather satellites.

on board the satellites peer down into the atmosphere and study
variables such as water vapour, rain, snow, cloud cover and ice content –
all crucial factors that influence our weather.

One example is
the 23.8 gigahertz (GHz) frequency. Water vapour emits a faint signal at
this specific natural wavelength, and this data is monitored and
measured by weather satellites. Forecasters then use this information to
work out how a storm or weather system is likely to develop.

data is critical to our ability to make forecasts,” said Niels Bormann,
also of the Reading weather centre. “They are a unique natural
resource, and if we lose this capability, weather forecasts will get
significantly worse.”

The problem is that some 5G phone networks
may transmit near a frequency similar to that emitted by water vapour,
and so would produce a signal that looks very like its presence in the

“We would not be able to tell the difference and so
would have to discard that data,” added Bormann. “That would compromise
our ability to make accurate forecasts.”

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Severe Health Risks of 5G Have Been Covered Up

The greatest health hazards of cellphone use are related to the effects on bio chemistry, immune-system response, and DNA replication in humans. Nevertheless, current safety guidelines for the massive roll out of 5G are based on a 1996 study of the extent to which a cell phone heated the head of plastic mannequin. The public has never before been exposed to the ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies as are used in 5G technology. Over 2,000 international studies show that this type of radiation causes cancer, DNA damage, reduces fertility, and damages neurons in the brain and throughout the body. -GEG

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk about 5G – the next generation of wireless technology. 5G is being touted as a necessary step to the ‘internet of things’ – a world in which our refrigerators alert us when we’re low on milk, our baby’s diapers tell us when they need to be changed, and Netflix is available everywhere, all the time.

But what we’re not hearing is that evidence-based studies
worldwide have clearly established the harmful effects of human exposure
to pulsed radiofrequency radiation from cell towers, cell phones and
other devices – and that 5G will make the problem exponentially worse.

Most people believe that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
carefully assesses the health risks of these technologies before
approving them. But in testimony taken by Senator Blumenthal of
Connecticut, the FCC admitted it has not conducted any safety studies on 5G.

Telecom lobbyists assure us that guidelines already in place are
adequate to protect the public. Those safety guidelines, however, are
based on a 1996 study of how much a cell phone heated the head of an
adult-sized plastic mannequin. This is problematic, for at least three

+ living organisms consist of highly complex and interdependent cells and tissue, not plastic.

+ those being exposed to radiofrequency radiation include fetuses, children, plants, and wildlife – not just adult male humans.

+ the frequencies used in the mannequin study were far lower than the exposures associated with 5G.

5G radiofrequency (RF) radiation uses a ‘cocktail’ of three types of radiation, ranging from relatively low-energy radio waves, microwave radiation with far more energy, and millimeter waves with vastly more energy (see below). The extremely high frequencies in 5G are where the biggest danger lies. While 4G frequencies go as high as 6 GHz, 5G exposes biological life to pulsed signals in the 30 GHz to 100 GHz range. The general public has never before been exposed to such high frequencies for long periods of time.

This is a big deal. It turns out that our
eyes and our sweat ducts act as antennas for absorption of the
higher-frequency 5G waves. And because the distances these high-energy
waves can travel is relatively short, transmitters will be required
closer to homes and schools than earlier wireless technologies: the
build-out will add the equivalent of a cell tower every 2-10 houses.

But former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has made it clear the Telecom-dominated FCC does not put health first:

“Stay out of the way of technological development,” he said. “Unlike
some countries, we do not believe we should spend the next couple of
years studying… Turning innovators loose is far preferable to letting
committees and regulators define the future. We won’t wait for the
standards.” In response to questions about health concerns, Mr. Wheeler
said: “Talk to the medical people”.

Good idea.

The “medical people” have conducted over 2,000 international
evidence-based studies that link health impacts with pulsed radiowave
radiation from cell towers, routers, cell phones, tablets, and other
wireless devices
. These studies tell us that RF radiation is
harmful at even low and short exposures, and that it impacts children
and fetuses more rapidly than adults. Among the findings are that RF
radiation is carcinogenic, causes DNA damage, affects fertility and the
endocrine system, and has neurological impacts. Pulsed electromagnetic
frequencies have also been shown to cause neurological symptoms:
depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, attention deficits,
insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, skin tingling, loss of appetite, and

The U.S. Government has known of these risks since at least 1971,
when the Naval Medical Research and Development Command published a
bibliography containing 3,700 references reporting 100 biological and
clinical effects attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation.

Recent findings, such as the $30 million 2018 U.S. National
Toxicology Program (NTP) Study, have corroborated the findings of all
well-designed heart and brain cancer studies of people with 10 or more
years’ exposure to cellular radiation from cell towers and cell phones. They all agree: RF radiation causes cancer.

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California Mayor Admits Local Government Has “Lost Control” of 5G Rollout

Danville, California: The Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming 5G wireless installation by Verizon, opening the town to possible lawsuits from the carrier. According to the FCC’s regulations, local governing bodies are not allowed to consider health risks when making decisions about 5G installations. Instead, cities and towns can only regulate cell sites based on the aesthetics and placement of the devices. Danville Mayor Robert Storer says that the federal government and its partners in Big Wireless have usurped local control of communities and that it’s time to take a stand – law suit or no law suit. -GEG

During a recent city council meeting the Mayor of Danville,
California admitted that the council had “lost control” of the 5G
rollout to the federal government and Big Wireless.

On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four
to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless
installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert
Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal
government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon.

The Danville Town Council’s decision to deny the
land use-permit for the small cell opens the town to possible lawsuits
from Verizon.

“We’ve made a lot of difficult decisions over the years, and this
one is right up there in my top three. But that is exactly why somebody
elects us to do the right things,”
Mayor Robert Storer said during the council meeting. “We’ve
lost local control and this says: ‘You know what? We are sick of this
and we’re not going to just sit here and be bulled over.’ We say no; we
play our cards out. We’ve been in lawsuits before.”

The installation of small cell sites is taking place around the
nation as the U.S. government and telecommunications companies roll out
5th Generation—or 5G—cellular technology. The
new technology is expected to herald the beginning of Smart Cities,
where driverless cars, pollution sensors, cell phones, traffic lights,
and thousands of other devices interact in what is known as “The Internet of Things”.
However, there have been a number of health and privacy concerns raised
by opponents of the rapidly advancing 5G technology expansion.

The controversial vote came after the Town Council had been inundated
with complaints and concerns from Danville residents who worry the new
small cell site and other 5G related infrastructure could have negative
health effects. The installation of small cells and other 5G
infrastructure is opposed by Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth (DCRG), a local group who has been putting pressure on the Town Council since at least October 2018.

That month the Danville Planning Commission approved a land-use
permit for the small cell site owned by Verizon. On November 2, DCRG
filed an appeal challenging the approval. The group has been battling
Danville officials since and was successful in convincing most of the
council to vote against the permit. However, despite many of Danville’s
residents expressing concerns regarding health, the council voted
against the permit because the chosen location was intrusive.

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5G Transmitters Have Been Turned ‘ON’ in Two US Cities

Verizon announced that its 5G cell towers will be turned ‘on’ for the first time in the US in parts of two cities, Minneapolis and Chicago. Activist, Gary Gileno, points out that millimeter waves were used as weapons by the US in war zones in the Middle East. Trump is pushing 5G with the justification that the US is in competition with China to be the first country to use 5G systems to monitor and control all human activity. Sprint will test its 5G system in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, and Los Angeles within the next two months.

Trump Tweeted He Wants 5G and 6G in America As Soon As Possible!

Last week, Trump tweeted that he wants 5G and even 6G technology in the US as soon as possible, claiming that the US must always be the leader, especially in technology.  People will be exposed in their homes to 5G, which utilizes millimeter wave technology that causes cancer. China is the model for technological tyranny and is using technology and applying punishments designed to modify behavior.  5G brings automation, which will force tens of millions of Americans out of their jobs.  Commentator Gary Gileno says Trump was installed to pacify the right, but he is bringing in harmful technology.  While the Democrats and the courts have blocked Trump’s every move, they are allowing Trump’s roll out of 5G as both parties want absolute control over the people.

FCC Chairman Says Corporate Profit Is More Important Than Health Safety

Tom Wheeler, Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, says the potential for billions of dollars in profit to US telecom corporations justifies rolling out 5G technology without testing or even discussing the possibility that it could cause psychological disorders and cancer. He really says that – and much more you will not like. Prior to being appointed by President Obama, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, holding positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. As is customary for FCC chairmen, he resigned when President Trump’s administration began.] -GEG

Congress to Investigate FCC for Collusion to Eliminate Local Control Over 5G Deployment – But Is It Too Late?

Few Americans are aware of the rapid deployment of 5G cell towers, often very close to homes, because enabling laws were passed without adequate attention to health and environmental effects. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is just now beginning an investigation into whether the Federal Communications Commission helped telecom companies avoid legal challenges. Critics believe that the FCC is a ‘captured agency’ that works on behalf of those it regulates. [If you find that hard to believe, be sure to watch the following video.] -GEG

Because of already passed state and federal legislation, A LOT more 4G and 5G small cell towers and infrastructure are being installed all over the U.S in front of homes and everywhere else.  This is in addition to the countless other small and mega 4G cell towers that have already been installed near homes and throughout communities over the last few years. 

Small cell towers
and infrastructure aren’t always easily recognizable.  This is why many
Americans are still completely unaware about all of this. 
Regardless, where Americans are aware, there has been increasing vocal opposition to installation due to biological, environmental, and safety risks as well as reduced property value and increased privacy and cybersecurity concerns.

There now also finally seems to be a “better late than never” investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee about this horrible federal legislation.

From RCR Wireless:

House committee investigates FCC over 5G infrastructure order

The House Energy and Commerce committee has asked the Federal
Communications Commission to produce communications records between FCC
employees and network operators related to the commission’s recent order
preempting local control and pricing of infrastructure access, alleging
that FCC representatives may have acted improperly in support of an
initiative that is likely to save operators billions in 5G deployment

“It has come to our attention that certain individuals at the FCC may
have urged companies to challenge the order the commission adopted in
order to game the judicial lottery procedure and intimated the agency
would look unfavorably toward entities that were not helpful,” wrote
committee Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-New Jersey) and Mike Doyle
(D-Pennsylvania), chairman of the subcommittee on communications and
technology, in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.
“If true, it would be inappropriate for the FCC to leverage its power
as a regulator to influence regulated companies to further its agenda in
seeking a more friendly court.”

The FCC order focused on easing deployment of 5G infrastructure. The primary tenets of the FCC’s order included:

  • Banning local regulations designed to prohibit wireless infrastructure deployment;
  • Standardizing the fee structure cities can charge for reviewing small cell projects;
  • Establishing a 60-day shot clock for attaching small cells to existing structures and 90 days for new builds;
  • And setting “modest guardrails on other municipal rules that may prohibit service.”

The order drew immediate protests from some civic leaders that the FCC was overstepping its bounds and undercutting local control of infrastructure issues. It went into effect on Jan. 14th, after surviving a legal challenge from some municipalities that questioned the FCC’s authority in the case.

But four network operators sued as well, arguing that the FCC did not
go far enough in removing infrastructure deployment barriers —
AT&T, for instance, complained that the FCC had refused to adopt the
stance that infrastructure placement would be “deemed granted” when a
state or local government entity failed to act on an access request
within a reasonable amount of time — and they filed in four different
federal courts. AT&T sued in the D.C. circuit court; Verizon in the
Second Circuit court, which covers New York, Connecticut and Vermont;
Sprint filed in the Tenth Circuit, which covers a number of Midwest and
Western states from Kansas to Utah and Arizona; and Puerto Rico Telephone Company
filed in the First Circuit court, which has jurisdiction over the
territory as well as several Northeastern U.S. states. Meanwhile, cities
and municipalities had filed legal protests against the FCC’s action in
the Ninth Circuit, which covers West Coast states including California.
A lottery procedure consolidating the cases, triggered by the filing of
the cases in multiple federal court districts, initially moved the
cases into the Tenth Circuit. A motion from the municipal parties moved
it back to the Ninth Circuit, according to the letter from House

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Michigan State Senator Says Acceptable Level of 5G Radiation Has Been Rigged by Telecom Industry and Is Huge Health Hazard

Michigan state Senator, Patrick Colbeck, has impressive technology credentials, including working on the space station and monitoring electromagnetic interference. He is opposed to rolling out 5G technology because its high radiation levels can cause cancer and autism. Colbeck says the legal process for stopping 5G installations at the local level is rigged, because it relies entirely on safety standards set by the FCC, which now is staffed by former telecommunications insiders.

UN Secretary General Can No Longer Plead Ignorance of 5G Dangers

Claire Edwards, a former editor and trainer in Intercultural Writing for the UN, advised the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres of the extreme dangers of electromagnetic frequencies soon to be delivered in the form of 5G networks. The significance of this is that Guterres now has been informed in a public setting and can no longer claim that he has not been informed or warned. Legally, this fact makes him criminally negligent for any ill effects caused by 5G if he does nothing in his official capacity to mitigate or eliminate the danger. Edwards informed him that, in 2015, wifi and cell-phone boosters installed on low ceilings throughout the buildings of the UN Vienna international Center are exposing workers to one-quintillion times above natural background radiation. She demanded that the EMF-emitting devices be removed from all of the buildings and a halt to any roll out of 5G devices.  In 2011, the UN World Health Organization classified wireless as a group 2B carcinogen. Edwards informed Guterres that 5G is designed to deliver concentrated and focused EMF radiation in excess of 100 times the current level, in the same way as energy-directed weapons. Notice from the laughter and facial expressions of delegates that they do not take Edwards seriously. [Interesting, isn’t it, how ignorance can cause people to laugh at being told of their own pending destruction.] -GEG

Space Exploration Companies Will Launch 20,000 Satellites to Communicate with 5G Technology

Space exploration companies intend to launch 20,000 satellites over the next few years that will communicate with 5G equipment on the ground. The system will provide two-way communication (and microwave radiation) to every square foot of Earth. The FCC says 5G is safe, but the research on which this claim is made dates back to 1998 and looked only at the cellular heating effect of radiation. There has been little or no research on the impact on cellular chemistry or DNA. A recent 10-year study on rats found a clear connection between exposure to 2G and 3G microwave frequency radiation and cancer. 5G could be at least ten times more severe. This article is the best we have seen so far to cover all the health hazards that soon will confront the human race on the day 5G is turned on. You cannot say you were not warned. -GEG

While telecom companies are moving full speed ahead to put up millions of small cell towers for their new 5G (fifth generation) cellular communication system in the United States, the public is waking up to the fact that 5G has not been proven safe for human health.

The health concerns actually go far beyond the 5G cell towers that are being placed approximately every 500 feet on the streets of America’s urban areas. It has now been revealed that 20,000 satellites will be soon put into orbit around the Earth to broadcast 5G microwave radiation over every square foot of ground on our planet.

As has been discussed in my previous articles about the 5G cellular microwave communication system, it will be much faster than the current 3G and 4G systems. However, it will use a much higher frequency range in the electromagnetic energy spectrum. These frequencies in the gigahertz spectrum have not been used for public communication. And these millimeter frequencies have not been tested for safety.

5G Phased Array Antennas will Shoot Beams of Radiation at People and Equipment

The 5G communication system will use phased array antennas, which will shoot beams of microwaves at 5G phones and other equipment containing 5G capabilities such as new computers, automobiles, and Wi-Fi hubs.

The beams of microwave radiation will follow a person who is holding a 5G phone or who is moving with one of these phones on his or her body. These beams of radiation have to be strong enough to penetrate walls and human flesh such as hands and heads, because you won’t know the direction from which the microwave beam is coming.

The beams of non-ionizing microwave radiation used by this technology also have to be strong enough to pass through the bodies of other people who might happen to walk between a person using a phone and the tower that is beaming the microwave signal at them.

5G smartphones will broadcast and receive microwave signals that are 10 times stronger than the current 4G smartphones. Wi-Fi systems using 5G will use microwave signals that are 150 times stronger than a 4G phone. [8]

Don’t Worry – the FCC Says it’s Safe

Despite the lack of testing to prove that 5G is safe, telecom companies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are in agreement that no one should worry about health effects of 5G.

Their advice to the American public is based on assumptions that were made in 1998.

But, the research at that time was questionable because it only examined health concerns related to the heating effect of the microwave radiation.

Background on 5G and other Radio Frequency Health Risks

This article will look at some of the newest information about microwave radiation risks and the concerns that are being raised by those who have been studying this form of non-ionizing radiation.

For those who are new to this topic, you may wish to read some of my previous articles about health concerns related to radio frequency pollution to obtain background information about 5G and other wireless communication systems such as Wi-Fi.

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death

Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Exposure to the Eyes Causes Long-Term Damage

New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters to Increase Microwave Radiation – Invade Privacy

Smart Meters: Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?

How Big Technology Companies Control the Minds of the Masses through Smart Phone Addiction

Radiation from 2G and 3G Cellular Systems is Associated with Cancer in Male Rats

In a ten-year study of rats and mice conducted by the National Toxicology Project (NTP), government scientists in collaboration with non-government scientists concluded that there is “clear evidence” of an association between microwave radiation exposure from what is known as the second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) cell phone systems and the formation of cancer in the hearts of male rats.

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