Shock: Somali Migrant Charged With Raping Two Elderly Disabled Men And Murdering The Elderly Wife Of One of the Victims

April 4, 2017 Dan Lyman, InfoWars 0

Neuenhaus, Germany: An 18-year-old Somali ‘asylum seeker’ has been charged with raping two disabled men before murdering the second victim’s elderly wife. The attack occurred in October 2016, but the press has refused to report the crimes until now. The killer is being given special treatment by prosecutors because of his youth.


Why Has The CIA Stopped Smuggling Weapons to Syrian Rebels?

February 24, 2017 Ron Paul 1

Over the past few weeks, the CIA has stopped its weapons smuggling operation to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) “moderate” rebels, which President Trump criticized while he was campaigning. The CIA has been funding the FSA and the al-Nusra Front who are fighting each other.