Funding for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal Is Has Links to George Soros and the Rockefellers

The Green New Deal (GND) proclamation was crafted over a December weekend by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with three groups: the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates; and a policy shop called the New Consensus. The Sunrise Movement, the chief lobbyists of the GND to the Democratic Party, has an “army of young people” seeking to “make climate change an urgent priority across America.” Sunrise has a complex web of donors that include the Rockefeller Family Fund and other non-profit partners including the Center for Popular Democracy, the the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and many more organizations that are financed by billionaire George Soros.

The Green New Deal blueprint introduced by Rep. Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez was crafted by three far-left organizations and is being
pushed by a coalition of well-funded professional progressive groups and
known leftist agitators.

Some of the organizations helping to promote the Green New Deal have
ties to financing from billionaire George Soros and trace their roots to
such radical groups as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez posted an 11-page Google document in the form of a nonbinding legislative resolution that has become the most authoritative version of the Green New Deal, a broad outline for the current conception of the socialist-style plan.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal resolution, introduced along with Sen.
Ed Markey (D-MA), has already been endorsed by more than 45 Democratic
representatives. The deal received high-profile endorsements from
Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders.

The Green New Deal seeks, as the New Yorker recently put it, “nothing less than a total overhaul of our national infrastructure.”

The utopian deal demands 100 percent of all buildings in the U.S.
convert to clean energy, calls for the removal of all greenhouse gases
from the entire atmosphere, and includes such non-“green” clauses as a
federal jobs guarantee while protecting the right of all workers to
organize and unionize.

It also pledges “affordable, safe and adequate housing” for “all people of the United States.”

The wealth-spreading deal aims to “virtually eliminate poverty in the
United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security
available to everyone participating in the transformation.”

Radical groups, Soros ties

The Green New Deal was crafted by Ocasio-Cortez along with three
groups — the Sunrise Movement, Justice Democrats and a group calling
itself New Consensus.

The New Yorker reported:

The document was written over a single December weekend
by the staff of the freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and
three like-minded progressive groups, none of which existed two years
ago: the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the
Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates;
and an upstart policy shop called the New Consensus.

Besides helping to write the deal text, the Sunrise Movement has been
the central progressive organization lobbying the Democratic Party to
implement the Green New Deal.

Sunrise markets
itself as an “army of young people” seeking to “make climate change an
urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil
fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the
health and wellbeing of all people.”

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California and 15 Other States Are Suing Trump Over His Border Wall Emergency Declaration

Sixteen states, led by California, sued President Trump over his declaration of a national emergency and his plans to redirect federal funds to the construction of a border wall.  The other states include Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon and Virginia, all of which have Democratic attorneys general and all but one of which are led by Democratic governors. The lawsuit claims that Trump manufactured a “crisis” in order to obtain funding for a wall, and that there is no national emergency at the southern border. The complaint also alleges that a wall will cause environmental damage. Trump expects to lose the legal challenge in California and in the liberal Ninth Circuit, but to later to prevail at the Supreme Court, where conservatives hold a 5-4 majority.

The State of California and fifteen other states sued President
Donald Trump on Monday over his declaration Friday of a national
emergency and his plans to redirect federal funds to the construction of
a wall on the southern border.

The lawsuit, as expected,
was filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and was joined
by attorneys general from “Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii,
Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New
Mexico, New York, Oregon and Virginia — all of which have Democratic
attorneys general and all but one of which are led by Democratic
governors,” the Wall Street Journal noted Monday.

However, ten of the 26 Democrat attorneys general have not joined the lawsuit — at least not yet, as of Tuesday.

The complaint,
filed in federal court in the Northern District of California, decries
what it calls “President Donald J. Trump’s flagrant disregard of
fundamental separation of powers principles engrained in the United
States Constitution.” It adds:

Contrary to the will of Congress, the President has used
the pretext of a manufactured “crisis” of unlawful immigration to
declare a national emergency and redirect federal dollars appropriated
for drug interdiction, military construction, and law enforcement
initiatives toward building a wall on the United States-Mexico border.
This includes the diversion of funding that each of the Plaintiff States

The complaint continues through several familiar talking points from the Democratic Party:

The federal government’s own data prove there is no
national emergency at the southern border that warrants construction of a
wall. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) data show that unlawful
entries are near 45-year lows. The State Department recognizes there is a
lack of credible evidence that terrorists are using the southern border
to enter the United States. Federal data confirm that immigrants are
less likely to commit crimes than are native-born Americans. CBP data
demonstrate that dangerous drugs are much more likely to be smuggled
through, not between, official ports of entry—rendering a border wall
ineffectual at preventing their entry into this country.

Later in the complaint, the states claim that the border wall is not
only unnecessary, but that it will also cause environmental damage. The
complaint also claims a border barrier will not block “drug smuggling

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Agenda 21 Alert! Mayor Eric Garcetti Declares Green New Deal in Los Angeles, City to Turn Off the Lights

Agenda 21 is the United Nations strategy to fight global warming at the local level while Agenda 2030 is the UN strategy for fighting climate change at the national and international levels. The introduction of the Green New Deal (GND) is a major attempt at implementing Agenda 2030 in the United States. Commentator Gary Gileno says that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young attractive millennial, was placed in office to sell the GND to other millennials. The GND is the implementation of ‘sustainability’ across America  that is artificial scarcity under the guise of conservation, it is a behavioral modification scheme under social engineering and at its core, it is a system of rationing, with less food, water, energy, mobility, choice, freedom, and space. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, in support of the Green New Deal, announced that Los Angeles will abandon plans to rebuild three natural gas plants, despite concerns the city will suffer acute power shortages.  He is enacting Agenda 2030, where people will live in the dark and under water rationing, in addition to the termination of travel by cars and planes. Population control is the goal.

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College Students Love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ New Green Deal Until They Find Out What Is Really In It

Campus Reform queried students at the University of Miami about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ progressive Green New Deal program, which they supported until they discovered that use of coal, oil and natural gas would be eliminated within 10 years, giving people who are “unwilling” to work would receive an income, and eliminating air travel in favor of high speed trains.

Last Thursday, Commie princess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her radical ‘Green New Deal’ plan on her website.

It was a complete disaster.

The Green New Deal is a Communist scam that included guaranteed income for Americans ‘unwilling to work.’

The 14-page Commie wishlist also included a plan to transition to all
electric cars and completely eliminate airplane travel — because trains
over the ocean is a genius idea!

The Democrats also want to get rid of cow flatulence — which means all cows would be eliminated.

Within hours, the Green New Deal was yanked from Ocasio-Cortez’s webpage.

Campus Reform
asked students at University of Miami if they supported Ocasio-Cortez’s
Green New Deal — the students all loved the “progressive” plan…until
they found out what’s really in it.

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Ocasio-Cortez Advisor Admits Green New Deal Promises Government Checks for Those Who Are Unwilling to Work

Last week, Cornell University law professor, Robert Hockett, who counsels Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (OAC) on environmental initiatives, admitted that he falsely told Tucker Carlson that the her New Green Deal did not include a provision to subsidize people who are “unwilling” to work.  OAC’s support staff admitted to sending a fact sheet to NPR that stated that the program will provide “Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”  On Monday, Tucker Carlson reported that the official Green New Deal resolution does, in fact, guarantee “economic security for all people of the United States.”  The resolution also calls for free education and rebuilding all the existing buildings in the country.  The Congressional resolution is linked below.

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Democrats for Open Borders Aim to Abolish Immigration and Customs (ICE) by Capping Number of Criminal Detainees

Democrats are pushing cap the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees down to 16,500 illegal aliens who have committed additional crimes, which will result in thousands being released into American neighborhoods.  Former Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan, said that Democrats aim to abolish ICE by reducing funding for the agency by reducing bed space for detainees and to limit ICE law enforcement in the interior of the US.  Last year ICE arrested over 120,000 illegal aliens for additional crimes beyond unlawfully crossing the border.  Suspending the rule of law for a large group of people charged with crimes will create a sanctuary country.  Morgan says Democrats’ ultimate goal is open borders.

Here Are the Most Shocking Proposals from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ “Green New Deal”

Democrat Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, released a summary of her “Green New Deal” which envisions “a massive transformation of our society” that includes: rebuilding every home and commercial structure in the US for energy efficiency, ending all traditional forms of energy in the next 10 years, including nuclear energy, within 10 years, building trains across oceans to put an end to air travel, and unionizing all new jobs! She suggests that the Federal Reserve and banks could fund these projects by extending more credit. -GEG

Authored by Michael Palicz via Americans for Tax Reform

This morning, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released an overview of
her “Green New Deal” which threatens “a massive transformation of our

Below are the details of the proposal:

  • Rebuild every single building in the U.S.

“Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”

  • Will end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years.

The Green New Deal is “a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect
of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve
net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

  • Plans to ban nuclear energy within 10 years if possible.

“It’s unclear if we will be able to decommission every nuclear
plant within 10 years, but the plan is to transition off of nuclear and
all fossil fuels as soon as possible.”

  • Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!

“Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.

  • Don’t invest in new technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, just plant trees instead!

“We believe the right way to capture carbon is to plant trees
and restore our natural ecosystems. CCUS technology to date has not
proven effective.”

  • Mandates all new jobs be unionized.

“Ensure that all GND jobs are union jobs that pay prevailing wages and hire local.”

  • May include a carbon tax.

“We’re not ruling a carbon tax out, but a carbon tax would be a tiny part of a Green New Deal.”

  • May include cap and trade.

“…Cap and trade may be a tiny part of the larger Green New Deal plan.”

  • How much will it cost?

No estimate of the total cost of implementing the Green New deal is offered by Ocasio-Cortez.

However, as Ocasio-Cortez admits, “even if every billionaire and
company came together and were willing to pour all the resources at
their disposal into this investment, the aggregate value of the
investments they could make would not be sufficient.”

She does provide one estimate that the cost to “repair and upgrade
infrastructure U.S. infrastructure” alone will cost “$4.6 trillion at

  • How will it be paid for? Don’t worry about that.

Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t provide any insight into how the trillions
of dollars in spending will be paid for other than claiming, “The
Federal Reserve can extend credit to power these projects and
investments and new public banks can be created to extend credit”. But
as Ocasio-Cortez says, “the question isn’t how will we pay for it, but
what will we do with our new shared prosperity”.

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New York Gets New ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ with Squad Cars the Look Like Police Vehicles

New York is encouraging culture-specific security groups, and has allowed the Muslim Community Patrol to acquire cars that look nearly identical to police vehicles. The Muslim group is joining the Jewish enclave’s Shomrim security force and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol. The American melting pot has been scrapped. -GEG

New York’s Muslim community has a new security group watching over it.

A car from the new Muslim Community Patrol has been spotted around
the city, joining the Jewish enclave’s Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian
Safety Patrol among New York’s culture-specific security groups.

The white Ford Taurus bears insignia nearly identical to those of an
NYPD patrol car — with blue horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield
on the front driver’s side door and the words “Muslim Community Patrol”
descending on the rear door, where a department vehicle would say
“Courtesy Professionalism Respect.”

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Italy: Deputy Prime Minister Salvini Stops Open-Borders Activist by Saying He Will Send Migrants to Live in the Activist’s House

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is confronted by a leftist who calls him a murderer for rejecting mass immigration to Italy. Salvini turns the tables by asking the man for his name and address so 10 or 20 migrants can be sent to live there. Salvini says the real murderers are the smugglers who buy weapons and drugs with their ill-gotten gains. -GEG

Mexican Government Is Busing 1,700 Caravan Migrants to Unprotected Texas Border for Easy Entry into the US

A caravan from Honduras was given food, shelter, and 49 buses to take them to unsecured areas of the Texas border. The buses were supplied by private companies at the request of the Mexican government. The Pentagon is sending 4,000 new troops to the border, but it is unclear what they will be allowed to do to repel the invasion or if they will even try. -GEG

Coahuila officials deployed 49 private
buses and dozens of police vehicles to help transport and safeguard more
than 1,700 migrants to an unsecured part of the Texas border. The
caravan recently departed from Honduras.

Over the weekend, hundreds of migrants
began arriving in southern Coahuila as state officials began setting up
temporary shelters and providing food. Governor Miguel Riquelme oversaw
operations at one of the camps. The official count from Sunday stood at
1,674 migrants.

El @GobDeCoahuila brinda la atención de salud, alimento y dormitorios a la #CaravanaMigrante que ha llegado a la #RegiónSureste del estado, y que en las próximas 24 horas continuará su recorrido rumbo a la ciudad de #PiedrasNegras.

— Gobierno de Coahuila (@GobDeCoahuila) February 3, 2019

In Nuevo Leon, a border state just east of Coahuila, officials outfitted shelters for 1,400 as smaller groups of caravan migrants began to arrive on their journey to the Texas border.
Riquelme ordered that state police forces travel with the caravan to the cities of Piedras Negras and Acuna to ensure their safety. Piedras Negras is immediately south of Eagle Pass, Texas, while Ciudad Acuna is immediately south of Del Rio, Texas. As Breitbart News reported, both cities lack any form of physical barrier other than the ports of entry.

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New Migrant Caravan from Central America to US Has Grown to 12,000 People

A new migrant caravan from Central America reportedly has grown to 12,000 people. The caravan is headed toward Mexico’s southern border, and Mexican officials are processing ‘humanitarian’ visas to allow the migrants to travel legally. Although the Mexican government is inviting members of the caravan to remain in Mexico to work, there is little doubt that the motivation for most migrants is to reach the welfare paradise called the United States. -GEG

The ranks of a new Central American migrant caravan reportedly grew
in size to more than 12,000 as of Friday. The caravan is now heading to
Mexico’s southern border.

Mexican immigration officials in the city of Ciudad Hidalgo, which
borders Guatemala, are establishing procedures to expedite the process
in which to approve one-year humanitarian visas for members of the
Central American migrant caravan who are arriving daily. The one-year
humanitarian visas, promised by Mexico’s new President Andrés Manuel
López Obrador, is a newly adopted policy which allows migrants to
legally travel and work during their stay in Mexico.

The new policy of handing out humanitarian visas began on January 17
in response to the new caravan of primarily Honduran migrants who left
their home country and headed towards the Mexican border on January 15.
Officials originally estimated the caravan’s size at about 2,000. Mexico
now claims the caravan’s population swelled to over 12,000 migrants, according to local media and Breitbart Texas sources.

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58,000 Non-Citizens Illegally Voted in Texas State Elections

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that 95,000 non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in Texas, and 58,000 of them voted in at least one Texas election since 1996. Non-citizens who are lawfully residing in Texas may obtain drivers licenses, but only citizens are entitled to vote. Texas law currently does not require verification of a voter’s statement that they are a citizen. Texas Governor Greg Abbott supports prosecution of these crimes and wants legislation to safeguard against this type of vote fraud in the future. -GEG

According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office, the Texas
Department of Public Safety has identified 58,000 non-US citizens who
have voted in at least one Texas election since 1996, reports NBCDFW

What’s more, 95,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in Texas according to the DPS. 

“Texas law allows lawfully present noncitizens to obtain driver’s
licenses by showing proof of lawful presence to DPS,” said Paxton’s
office in a statement. “However, only citizens are eligible to vote. And
Texas law currently does not require verification of a voter’s
statement that they are a citizen.”

The Texas Secretary of State this week provided the information to Paxton’s office, which can prosecute election crimes.

Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice,
Paxton said in a statement. “My Election Fraud Unit stands ready to
investigate and prosecute crimes against the democratic process when

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott praised the findings, which
officials said were the result of voter rolls being checked against a
state database of Texas residents who are not citizens but leally
obtained driver’s licenses.

I support prosecution where appropriate. The State will work on legislation to safeguard against these illegal practices,” Abbott tweeted. –NBCDFW

The Texas Secretary of State’s office is “very confident” that the
information they received is current, according to spokesman Sam Taylor –
however a voting rights group immediately questioned its accuracy. 

Democratic lawmakers in the Lone Star State have urged caution
“because we have consistently seen Texas politicians conjure the specter
of voter fraud as pretext to suppress legitimate votes, we are
naturally skeptical,” according to Dallas state Rep. Rafael Anchia. 

Paxton mentioned three recent voter fraud convictions in
his statement, adding “Nothing is more vital to preserving our
Constitution than the integrity of our voting process, and my office
will do everything within its abilities to solidify trust in every
election in the state of Texas. I applaud Secretary of State Whitley for
his proactive work in safeguarding our elections.” 

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