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London College LGBTQ+ Group Calls for Critics of Transgenderism to be Re-Educated in Stalin Soviet-Style Gulags for 10 Years

September 13, 2018 Breitbart 0

Gulags were brutal labor camps used by Stalin’s Soviet dictatorship to punish “enemies of the state”, resulting in the death of more than a million people. Natacha Kennedy, a transgender lecturer at Goldsmiths, created a list of academics the student group wants to silence, and she ran a Facebook group calling for accusations of “hate crimes” to be used to silence them.

GEG Commentary

LGBT Classes Now Are Mandatory for Elementary School Children in California

January 2, 2018 CBS 7

These courses, which are mandatory, will begin with second-graders and continue throughout the educational experience. Text-book publishers are scrambling to include as many historical figures as possible about whom there has been LGBT speculation. [Continuous and focused speculation on this issue, especially when when presented in school and associated with historical figures, will encourage children to see LGBT as the new American role model. This is not an unintended consequence.]