Garden from Scratch for FREE! Zero Cost Organic Gardening for Food

Next Level Gardening, video screenshot

Brian at Next Level Gardening published a series of videos titled ‘Garden From Scratch for FREE’, focusing on zero cost organic gardening to produce food. In this series, Next Level Gardening shows you how to find free compost, free mulch, free vegetable seeds, how to make raised beds for free, how to make your own fertilizer, companion planting and much more.


Episode One

Brian shows how to find free compost, free mulch and free vegetable seeds. He explains how to make raised beds for free, how to make your own fertilizer, companion planting and much more.


Episode Two

This video shows how to plant and sow vegetable crops. Brian explains the benefits and drawbacks of no-dig gardens, crop rotation and direct sowing. He recommends only growing things you will eat.


Episode Three

Brian shows 10 free vegetable gardening hacks using many things around the house not intended for gardening but work just as well as expensive garden products.


Bonus Video – Free Garden Center Transplants

Brian explains how to buy multiple plants in one container and shows how to replant the seedlings and plants. Six-plants are the best buy. Root-bound potted plants can have stunted growth.



Note: The fourth video in this series has yet to be published — check the playlist for the final video next week

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4 months ago

I cultivate, already, in my balcony. The problem is: the EU is finishing with heirloom seeds. They want the farmers ( and us, amateur farmers) to buy seeds from…well you guessed it, the big AGRO, the Monsantos of the world. I was speaking with farmers, last week, as I had heard that the French protesting farmers got some of their requirements, but one of them said that they got the money but not the right to produce their own heirloom seeds. Only the Elite has heirloom seeds in their vaults. Start planting and collecting your seeds- they will be the… Read more »

4 months ago

TYSM for this article & videos! It’s a wealth of good info.

4 months ago

Thanks Brian , great tips mate.