Hospitals in Gaza Bombed, 20 Hospitals Are Already Out of Commission. 10,000 Palestinians Dead

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Youtube

The Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza, where up to 50,000 people were sheltering, is facing bombardment, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Palestinian officials said Israel launched airstrikes on or near at least three hospitals on Friday. Night-time footage showed people shouting and fleeing outside the al-Shifa hospital after an explosion. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokesperson, said 20 hospitals in Gaza were out of action and that there was ‘intense violence’ at Shifa.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that ‘far too many Palestinians have been killed’ in the war. An estimated 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza have died; many are children as 47% of Gaza’s population is under 18 years old.




Mondoweiss, a media outlet with a “progressive Jewish perspective” published a letter from about 90 Israeli doctors calling for the bombing of hospitals in Gaza.

The letter states, that due to suspicion of “terrorist activity,” the hospitals are “a legitimate target for annihilation.” They claim that “ambulances that are evacuating patients to the south in order to be treated elsewhere are at their disposal.” It does not mention that the south is also being bombed by Israel.


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MJRaichyk, PhD
MJRaichyk, PhD
6 months ago

They conveniently omit that the Hamas used donated funding to BUILD THEIR TERROR TUNNELS right into the designs of the hospitals, schools etc so they had access to fighting from behind those shields…
Specifically, structural engineering data on the Indonesian donated hospital had the tunnels built there RIGHT WITH THE HOSPITAL DESIGNING…

Charity FRAUD, with use of donated hospitals, schools, etc funding to navigate with weapons and equipment out of sight and launch attacks behind those people…
FUNDING of RESOURCES for Gaza is the same as erecting another SHIELD for the treachery of HAMAS… TTYL