22-Year-Old Shot Himself After Regime indicted Him for Walking Inside Open Doors of US Capitol 

Nejourde Meacham
Nejourde Meacham shot himself in the head on August 28, 2021, two weeks after the Biden regime charged him with four misdemeanor crimes for walking inside the open doors on the US Capitol while carrying a Trump flag on January 6, 2021. It was a needless death; he was just 22 years old. The charges against him often result in plea deals and probationary sentences. He was non-violent and non-destructive. This was the 4th suicide of a J6 protester.


22-year-olde Nejourde Meacham died on August 28, 2021, two weeks after the Biden regime charged him with four misdemeanor crimes for walking inside the open doors on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Marxists arrested Jorde for this display

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Jourde Meacham walking inside the US Capitol with a Trump flag on January 6. Another victim of Joe Biden and Chris Wray.

Jourde was just 22.

Another day of celebration on the left.

Jourde died on August 28th.

This will be another death ignored by Republican lawmakers.

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9 months ago

A sad story.

9 months ago

“…4th suicide of a J6 protester”
“Suicide” or “Suicided”?

9 months ago

Our Republican coward lawmakers suck. Investigate, investigate, investigate, and zero prosecutions of Justice officials, Fauci the Lille’s and his larva associates, Biden’s, Clinton’s, all free.
Americans are so fed up . All political grandstanding for a coming reelection and $ support is sickening. One release all of the Jan 6 protestors.
two, get rid of the DC swamp with State prosecutors. Three. End the fed and have the new congress do its job with gold back currency.
4th Term limits, period for all.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
9 months ago

Of course he didn’t need to kill himself, but obviously he wasn’t aware of his options that would allow him to escape serious prosecution. We will probably never know exactly how the charges were leveled against him or how he misunderstood the full ramifications of his simple protest that didn’t require him to die. What I don’t understand is G. Edward Griffin’s editorial comment “This will be another death ignored by Republican lawmakers”. There are rules the GOP must follow in opposing the Democrats use of prosecutions in the Jan 6 protests. The Republicans are holding hearings on all manner… Read more »

9 months ago

They did the same thing with protesters in Brazil, January 2023.
Made them believe they had the power to change things, made them hope, to believe protesting was a good thing. They jailed them as criminals: old people, children, people in wheelchairs…
Many committed suicide. Many still in jail.