Update on Maui Fires: Missing Children, Failed Emergency Response and Corrupt Government

Maui Mayor Richard Bisson refusing to provide info on missing children. Youtube
Thousands of children are still missing after the Maui fires and authorities are refusing to answer questions about them. It is unclear how many children died in the fires and if their parents have also died. There is a long list of incompetent and wilful actions by the government that contributed to the deaths including restriction of water, failure to use the siren system, and police blockades that trapped people in their cars. Controversial Maui Police Chief Pelletier is also the coroner for Maui, despite a state law separating law enforcement from the coroner’s office for the purpose of transparency.



Summary by JW WIlliams

Reporter Nick Sotor confronted Mayor Richard Bissen who refused to disclose how many children on Maui are missing. Reuters reported on August 19 that only about 400 students from the burn area have enrolled in other public schools, while about 200 signed up for distance learning. The four schools in Lahaina served more than 3,000 students. Thousands of children are unaccounted for and it is unclear how many of them perished in the fire. Where are the parents of the missing children?

The posted video covered the curious circumstances that include lack of FEMA response, President Joe Biden ignoring the emergency for weeks, donations prevented from reaching victims, rings of fire, fires only on native lands, significantly higher death toll than what is being reported, police blocking the open access road and warning people not to evacuate, mismanagement by the state and federal agencies, water was turned off during the fire, military mobile defense was not called, the emergency sirens were intentionally left silent, authorities failed to use the intercom system that could have warned Maui residents of the fires on their phones, TV and radio, people were forced back into the fires by police and overgrown brush near power lines that may have sparked the wildfire.

Maui Police Chief Pelletier, who led the bungled response to the mass shooting event in Las Vegas in 2017 was hired as the Police Chief in Maui to improve transparency. He received a 29% raise from $159,000 to $205,000 shortly before the fires. Chief Pelletier is also the coroner, despite a recent state law, HB 869, that states that “coroners should be separate from law enforcement and free to make independent judgements when investigating deaths.” It also states that making coroners independent promotes transparency, avoids conflicts of interest and encourages more confidence in coroners’ rulings.


Alternative video link:      https://www.bitchute.com/video/78r5WizUWiMr/


Reuters:      https://www.reuters.com/world/us/maui-children-face-grief-destruction-schools-start-up-after-wildfire-2023-08-19/

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
10 months ago

They’ll have to form a blue-ribbon panel of experts that they’ll call the “Maui Fire Commission” which can be headed by Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah. After a few years they’ll publish a thick book that will explain how Maui is just too dangerous of an area for simple villagers to live in and that a strong centralized system (Smart City) is needed in order to keep people safe. They’ll sell T-shirts and paint murals that say: “Maui fire… Never forget!” Meanwhile, the wiser people will know that THE MAUI FIRE WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

joe in Missouri
joe in Missouri
10 months ago
Reply to  Ragnar D.

I think that we need to take back “law enforcement” or we are going to go nowhere!

We need to take back the people’s grand juries and the peoples militias.

If you wish to do something useful, check these people out:


Here is some reading for you:


joe in Missouri
joe in Missouri
10 months ago

Corrupt Government?

For starters all governments are an illusion.

The only thing that rules the people in the world today is the New World Order.

It may look like a country has a government, but it is just an illusion as they are all centrally ruled from afar.

They are no corrupt they are just following orders from their boss’s.