11,000 Police Surveillance Cars With 360-Degree Cameras and “Perimeter Alerts” To Patrol NYC

The New York City Police Department (NYPD), which employs more people than the FBI, has announced it is turning all 11.000 of their police vehicles into 360-degree surveillance vehicles for constant monitoring of the streets. The built-in “Police Perimeter Alert” automatically analyzes people for officer perceived threats. Things like dirt, mud, snow and rain could automatically trigger the system to roll up a police officers windows and lock their doors sending them into panic mode thinking they are being targeted by an unassuming citizen. It is unknown who is watching the videos and how long the videos are stored. The NYPD is putting put QR codes on their newly equipped patrol cars that will bring people to a law enforcement website that will reassure them that the government really cares about their privacy and safety.


Way back in 2017, I wrote about tech companies working together to create 360-degree police surveillance vehicles complete with facial recognition. This has now become a reality.

As the above video shows, the Wausau Police Department is already using Ford’s 360-degree police surveillance vehicles to quietly monitor everyone.

According to Yahoo News the New York City Police Department (NYPD), which employs more people than the FBI, has announced it is turning all their police vehicles into 360-degree surveillance vehicles.

The department is in the process of redesigning its fleet of patrol vehicles, which will now have 360-degree cameras installed in them for constant monitoring of the streets, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Wednesday.

To put the public’s mind at ease of having 11,000 spying police vehicles monitor everyone, the NYPD has decided to put QR codes on their new patrol cars.

Each car will also have a QR code printed on the outside of the vehicle that the public can scan and connect to the NYPD’s websites.

Sewell said the new design will “ensure the safety of our officers, have a QR code to improve customer service and a revamped interior for more efficient and comfortable work environment for our officers.”

If and when the public finally cares about losing their privacy, all they have to do is scan a police vehicle’s QR code. This will bring them to a carefully worded law enforcement website that will reassure them that the government really cares about their privacy and that 360-degree surveillance cameras are for the public’s safety.

When a concerned citizen approaches a 360-degree police surveillance vehicle, they may be surprised to find out what is really happening inside.

Ford’s Police Interceptors come with a factory-installed version of “Surveillance Mode” or a built-in “Police Perimeter Alert” that automatically analyzes people for officer perceived threats. Because nothing says public safety like an AI that automatically analyzes people for so-called threatening behavior.

Police Perimeter Alert is a much-improved, factory-installed version of Surveillance Mode. It uses BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) sensors for approximately 270-degree monitoring outside of the vehicle and analyzes the motion to determine if a behavior is a potential threat. It features a visual display in the instrument panel cluster that shows moving objects, the motion trail and potential threat level. When potentially threatening behavior is detected, it also will sound a chime, activate the Rear View Camera, and automatically roll up the windows and lock the doors.

How does Ford’s Police Perimeter Alert determine someone is a threat? Ford’s Police Interceptor owners manual is purposefully vague about how their Police Perimeter Alert determines someone or something is a threat to a police officer.

Page 63 of the owners manual says “the Police Perimeter Alert System is primarily intended to monitor moving pedestrians but also detects objects like vehicles and bikes. Fast vehicles, stationary objects and small objects like birds may also be ignored.”

The owners manual says Ford’s Police Perimeter Alert System has three settings low, medium and high without explaining what the differences are.

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