Canada: Judge Drops Case Against Guards who Killed a Woman for Not Wearing a Mask

Rumble screenshot of altercation
Danielle Stephanie Warriner, who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, was admitted the hospital due to breathing problems. She was falsely believed to have COVID. She lowered her mask to breathe. Security guards Amanda Rojas-Silva and Shane Hutley instructed her to wear her mask, but Warriner refused. The guards allegedly threw her against a wall. The patient was reportedly taken to the ground and restrained with a knee to the back with weight applied. Another guard redirected the security camera preventing further filming of the interaction. Warriner stopped breathing, never regained consciousness and died 16 days later. The security guards were charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence. Judge Sean Dunphy dropped the charges due to lack of admissable evidence. Warriner’s family has filed a $16 million lawsuit against the hospital and the guards.


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Newly released security video from the Toronto General Hospital shows the moments that led up to a woman’s death after she refused to wear a mask.

Danielle Stephanie Warriner died after an incident with security guards at the hospital in May of 2020. An Ontario judge struck down the case that was set to start in May.

“My first reaction was shock, horror. There’s been no accountability and there’s a gaping hole in my heart,” Warriner’s sister Denise told CBC News.

“She was a very tiny woman who was clearly unwell, sitting, dealing with respiratory distress, and they wrangled her to her death. There was no lawful reason for them to have ever put hands on her. This ought to have been put to a trial.”

Warriner was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and decided that she would go to the hospital. She was presumed to have Covid, though a later test would show that she did not have the virus.

Video from the incident shows Warriner at the Toronto hospital’s lobby in a medical gown with a mask on her chin. She was told to put on the mask, and was then approached by security. The incident between the guards and Warriner is now shown on the security cameras as it was turned by another guard. He says he did so because he “panicked” and “got really anxious.” The guard was able to keep his job afterward.

The guard allegedly pushed Warriner against the wall, and then restrained her on the ground. She was then moved away by guards while unconscious. She died in hospital 16 days later. The coroner’s report showed that she died from a brain injury from a lack of oxygen due to  “restraint asphyxia following struggle and exertion.” Her COPD was found to be a possible contributor to her death.

“But for her interaction with the Applicants, Ms. Warriner would likely be alive today,” the forensic pathologist said during the preliminary hearing.

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10 months ago

What a sad story. From just every point of view.

10 months ago

Something tells me this judge, who dropped the manslaughter charges, would not have done so if it were a family member or friend who had died.

Joe in Missouri
Joe in Missouri
10 months ago

Keep on supporting the institution of the “police”.
This is exactly why the globalists have put them in place.


Dwayne Oxford
Dwayne Oxford
10 months ago

Yup, lucifer’s jackboot thugs get away with murder.