Is California Building a ‘Public Health Campus’ Or Quarantine Camp?

Screenshot of El Toro Military Base, Youtube
Irvine, California: A new facility is being built as a “public health campus” development located at the former El Toro military base in Irvine near the train tracks, and skeptics are wary that it could be used as a quarantine camp. It features a public health lab with a “Biosafety Lab component”, “Communicable Disease Control Services”, an “Emergency Management Center”, “Agency Operations Center”, a 240-space parking lot, and security fences. A $78 million contract was awarded to a Canadian construction firm without any discussion with the public. An additional $40 million is dedicated to Mind OC’s proposed non-profit mental health campus. Peggy Hall shares solutions to help people who are dealing with mental health issues and she reveals how to challenge the California law that authorizes the state to take control over individuals’ bodies if they are suspected of spreading a disease.

California Law 120140 states: “Upon being informed by a health officer of any contagious, infectious, or communicable disease the department may take measures as are necessary to ascertain the nature of the disease and prevent its spread. To that end, the department may, if it considers it proper, take possession or control of the body of any living person, or the corpse of any deceased person.”

Are quarantine camps on the horizon? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions after reading about the new “public health campus” development in Orange County. This story is important regardless of where you live. States like California and New York appear to be the testing ground for various oppressive, unconstitutional, and unprecedented measures. We must keep our eyes on these public serpents who are attempting to stifle our individual liberties at all times.

Gee… that doesn’t look dreary or oppressive at all!

About the campus

According to the staff report, the new campus will feature:

  • Public health lab with a “Biosafety Lab component” (25,000 square feet)
  • “Communicable Disease Control Services” (22,000 square feet)
  • An “Emergency Management Center” (12,000 square feet)
  • “Agency Operations Center” (9,000 square feet)
  • Security fences and 240 parking spaces

The location

“The site at 8226 Marine Way, which is along railroad tracks, is less than a 20-minute walk from Irvine train station, according to the county staff report.”

8226 Marine Way is the location of the former El Toro military base in Irvine California… oh, and make sure to highlight the part where it is strategically… oops, I mean conveniently located next to a railroad.

The cost

It is a $78 million contract with an additional $40 million dedicated to Mind OC’s proposed non-profit mental health campus.

Journalist for Voice of OC, Nick Gerda, notes that “Supervisors had no public discussion Tuesday when awarding a $78 million contract to the Canadian multinational firm PCL Construction Services.”

Red flag: Brown Act violation

Regardless of where you live, it is critical to safeguard our ability to observe public business being conducted in public.

Read full article here…

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1 year ago

Memories of MCAS El Toro, stationed there between 1978-1981. BTW, the location of the murder of Col. James Sabow at his residence on base, he was on to some nefarious black ops/suspicious activity brought to his attention and the lid was going to be blown. Why was El Toro closed down?? Many reasons i would say… non good!!

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
1 year ago

The term “quarantine camp” sounds too frightening. They could tell the sheep that it’s a Temporary Freedom Adjustment Facility.

1 year ago

Is anyone else questioning why a foreign company is allowed to bid on US state contracts & bring in its own foreign workers?