David Icke Has Been Banned from 26 European Countries for 2 Years

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Earlier this month, the Dutch government banned David Icke, the controversial British “conspiracy theorist”, from entering the Netherlands and other Schengen countries in the EU for two years over fears that he may “disturb the public order”. Icke, a popular speaker, had been scheduled to give a speech at a peace rally in Amsterdam protesting the Ukraine war, the Dutch government and energy prices. His freedom of speech has been censored. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tried to skirt questions about the censorship of David Icke, but did indicate that Icke was banned due to “anti-Semitic” speech and “conspiracy theories” that Amsterdam feared could lead to riots.

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Link for video featuring Mrk Rutte:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/UhwqgMxrCh7d/

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Link for video:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/5UHhEwkUcpEe/

The Dutch government has banned British conspiracy theorist David Icke from the Netherlands and the entire Schengen area of the European Union for two years over fears his presence could ‘disturb public order’.

Icke claimed that he had been banned by the “fascist Dutch regime” and published on his website a letter sent to him on Thursday by the Dutch immigration services, on behalf of State Secretary for Justice and Security Eric van der Burg.

Icke is a former professional footballer and television presenter who has argued that the world is ruled by reptiles, a theory recently advocated by the Dutch populist parliamentarian Thierry Baudet.

Icke was due to speak at a demonstration in Amsterdam on Sunday against the Ukraine war, the Dutch government and energy prices.

Amsterdam officials fear that there will be clashes, even if Icke only appears by via video link.

“With this letter I inform you that you have been flagged immediately in the Schengen Information System for two years and you are not allowed to enter the Schengen area,” said the letter.

“You have been internationally known for years as a propagator of conspiracy theories,” it added.

The presence of Icke, who has made “anti-Semitic and offensive statements in the past”, could lead to unrest in the Netherlands at a time when violence and threats against politicians are on the rise, said the Dutch government.

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terry shead
terry shead
15 days ago

I wonder what these elites are worried about, Wallenberg we are coming for you.

Kurt Hausauer
Kurt Hausauer
15 days ago

Censorship is Censorship, what you do defines who and what. YOU ARE !!!

Dan Cunningham
Dan Cunningham
15 days ago

He was accused of this when he visited King George’s outpost Canada years ago. He denied the charge intended to keep him from speaking on his research and books. He does say reptilians rule this world but how do his attackers morph this into the more historically accurate anti Mongolian Turks posing as Semites-ism? The Thirteenth Tribe by a Jewish historian explains this common misuse of Semite, who are primarily the Arabs. A Turkish subtribe appropriated the Biblical tribal story about Hebrews and others when living in what is now part of Ukraine in the 8th century

Milton Farrow
Milton Farrow
14 days ago

my comments is that Icke’s civil rights and freedom of speech have been violated-[ under separate civer how do i bring back FDr David Martins interview that disappeared after i viewd it – i spoke to 2 congressional offices Jim Jordan

and Rand Paul