Gov. Ron DeSantis on Democrat Hypocrites Who Deported Migrants from Martha’s Vineyard

Governor Ron DeSantis, Youtube
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts last week and Democrats immediately employed the National Guard to aid them in deporting them the next day. DeSantis pointed out that Martha’s Vineyard claimed to be a sanctuary destination, but it was all “virtue signaling” by wealthy liberal elites. The Sheriff in Bexar County, Texas is investigating Governor DeSantis. And people who illegally crossed the border are now suing Governor DeSantis for giving them a free ride to a sanctuary city they knew they were going to, and they signed release forms.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded Monday to the news that Democrats employed the National Guard to aid them in deporting migrants he sent from the southern border to Martha’s Vineyard.

Appearing on Fox News, DeSantis stated “They said they were a sanctuary destination. These were people who were basically destitute and then put into a situation where they could have succeeded, but that was all virtue signaling.”

DeSantis added of the Democrat leaders in Massachusetts, “not only did they not welcome them, they deported them the next day with the National Guard. Give me a break!”

DeSantis also further clarified that the migrants all voluntarily left Florida for Massachusetts, and that the vendor facilitating the relocation provided a packet with information from the Massachusetts government on Martha’s Vineyard, touting it as a sanctuary jurisdiction.

DeSantis and his office also responded to news that the Democrat sheriff of Bexar County in Texas is criminally investigating the Florida governor.

DeSantis himself noted how little coverage there was of “migrants dying in the Rio Grande River” or more than 50 migrants dying in a trailer in Bexar County itself.

The governor further noted that concerns on the left started “only when 50 illegal aliens show up at a very wealthy spot called Martha’s Vineyard that advertises itself as a sanctuary city.”

“They’re basically doing it so that they feel good, but they don’t want to actually have to deal with the consequences of the policies that they advocate for all of you,” DeSantis continued, adding “They want open borders and they want you to deal with the open borders, but they want to be immune from the consequences of these policies.”

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