Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED Two Nights in a Row

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“Swatting” involves making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to have a large number of armed police officers show up to a particular address. It is very dangerous because it could lead to a violent confrontation. The left uses swatting against its political opponents. Police were unable to trace the two emergency calls that brought them to Representative Greene’s residence on two consecutive nights this week. Greene, a conservative, is facing backlash from the left after she introduced a bill in Congress last week that would make it a felony to provide gender-affirming care to transgender minors, which may include puberty blockers and surgery. She said in an interview that the media is “trying to get me killed by those horrific headlines,” as they are saying that she is targeting trans kids.

Police responded to a false 911 call at the home of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene early Thursday morning, the second “swatting” call targeting the Republican congresswoman in two days, authorities confirmed.

Two officers showed up to Greene’s home in Rome, Georgia, after receiving a call at 2:53 a.m. ET Thursday about “a male possibly shooting his family members and then himself,” according to a report from the Rome Police Department.

The suspect, who called through an internet chat that appeared to be a suicide crisis line, falsely told police responders that a man “came out as trans-gender and claimed they shot the family” at Greene’s address, the report said.

“If anyone tried to stop me from shooting myself, I will shoot them,” said the caller, who gave officers the name Wayne Greene and warned that “they would be waiting for us,” according to the police report.

The officers went to Greene’s house and met her at her front door, where they explained the situation, the report said. They “confirmed this was a second false report,” the department said in a press statement.

Officers could not see a location used in the suicide chat line “due to the person(s) using a VPN,” the report said.

The department said it is working with the U.S. Capitol Police on the investigation, which remains active.

Greene revealed in a tweet Thursday morning that she was “swatted again last night.”

Her spokesman, Nick Dyer, told CNBC he could confirm the incident. “Our number one concern is the safety of Congresswoman Greene and her family,” read a statement from Greene’s office, which described the calls as “violent crimes” even though no violence occurred.

The far-right lawmaker, who represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District and is supported by former President Donald Trump, was targeted in the first swatting call around 1 a.m. ET on Wednesday by an alleged opponent of her stance on transgender rights, police said.

That caller falsely claimed that a man had been shot multiple times in a bathtub at Greene’s residence.

Afterward, the department received a second call from that suspect, who was using a computer-generated voice as they claimed responsibility for the incident.

The suspect “explained that they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights’, and stated that they were trying to ‘SWAT’ her,” the police report said.

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1 year ago

Why do you refer to her as “The far-right lawmaker” instead of a person who believes in our constitution?

1 year ago

Pathetic small people living miserable lives desperately trying to make other people as miserable as they are by “swatting” them. How juvenile our nation has become.

FFWN: Great Satan Gets Desperate: Kill Lists, Cyber-Terrorism, Escalating Atrocities & Lies (with Helen Buyniski) – Kevin Barrett
1 year ago

[…] US congresswoman ‘swatted’ by police (gendernutcase takes credit) Happens again the following night  […]

No More Fake News
No More Fake News
1 year ago

“Swatting” is just a single phase of the much bigger picture. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, sayth – the “Media” is “trying to get me killed by those horrific headlines,” Marjorie may not fully understand her predicament. Media is an abstract term. If she can’t name the enemies, she cant defeat the enemies. The satanic luciferian controlled media she speaks of is owned and operated by the jewish Rothchild international banking cabal, which owns Reuters and many others.They are the top of the evil pyramid. They also fund & fiance the New World Order Agenda, Globalism, Luciferianism World Wide, etal. Just… Read more »