Bill Gates Admits COVID Is an Illness of the Elderly and Vaccines Don’t Block Transmission

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Bill Gates made some stunning admissions recently and said that COVID affected mostly elderly people and had a low fatality rate. He said it was a lot like the flu.. Jimmy Dore pointed out that the average age of people who were diagnosed as dying from COVID was above the life expectancy rate.  Gates also admitted that COVID ‘vaccines’ do not block transmission. 

Analysis from Jimmy Dore:

While Jimmy Dore subscribes to the virus theory of COVID, he does make some important points, including the fact that the average age of people who supposedly died from COVID is over the age of life expectancy! The average lifespan for a male in the US is 79 years of age, but the average age of people who died from COVID was 81.5 years of age. Dore acknowledged that it is impossible to find the actual death rate from 2020 and an account of how many people died from COVID rather than with COVID.

Warning: there is some rough and vulgar language.

Full Video Interview:

Sobering statements and admissions from Bill Gates in the video listed below with time stamps:

2:02  Gates promotes depopulation through birth control and said that if you improve health in poor countries, people will have only 2 children to support them in old age, instead of larger families.
12:25  Gates praised the “ruthless” contract tracing by South Korea and claims that is why it had fewer COVID deaths.
13:15  Gates recommended elderly people get vaccinated and that masks should not be viewed as a “deep infringement of freedom.”
17:50  Gates agreed that Americans should accept some restrictions on our liberties.
23:40   Gates said that in early February 2020, he was in a meeting and experts at his foundation said that there had been too much travel without a diagnosis for COVID to be contained. He said, “then, at that point, we didn’t really understand that the fatality rate, you know, we didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate. And that it’s a disease mainly of the elderly, kind of like flu is, although a bit different than that.”
28:04  Gates said that there had never been a commercial product using mRNA, so it’s wild that it was developed so fast. He said that the COVID vaccines are imperfect in two very important ways, one, they don’t block infection. They were hoping that the vaccines would create enough antibodies in the upper respiratory tract that vaccinated people wouldn’t get infected. Said young people who don’t get very sick should take vaccines to take them out of the transmission chains.
28:50  He said that the duration of protection from COVID vaccines is going down, especially for people in their 70s, it only lasts about 5 months.

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Jack coburn
Jack coburn
13 days ago

I don’t know why anyone would listen to Bill Gates.

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
12 days ago

Gates demonstrates how much damage an unopposed psychopath can cause on a dumbed-down population. Kids and adults are taught to trust in the system and not to make waves by daring to question the “experts” of the ruling class. Fortunately, many people (certainly not a majority) are not buying it anymore, and we are approaching a tipping point where the old psychopath model of control will be rendered ineffective.

10 days ago
Reply to  Ragnar D.

You do not understand reality. Therefore you hold on to comforting illusions such as “we are approaching a tipping point where the old psychopath model of control will be rendered ineffective.”

The reasons why psychopaths are “unopposed” is at the core of why we’re not even close to a “tipping point” — The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”

12 days ago

I have been involved in the software industry since the 70’s when I thought Gates was a brilliant Nerd. Listening to him now, I see that everything that he’s claiming in this interview is NONSENSE. Watch the video “The End of Germ Theory “ for the evidence supporting that statement.

Hans Geiger
Hans Geiger
12 days ago

They die from the vaccine.

11 days ago

there is enough evidence gathered, no more delays start the arrests
sooner we start arresting these P O S the sooner the genocide ends

9 days ago
Reply to  kiwi

Who is going to arrest them? Until the people elect real sheriffs contracted to work together to jail these weasels, nothing much will happen. County sheriffs are elected. What other police agency under the thumb of a Marxist bureaucrat president, governor, mayor, would make a move? Trump certainly refused to make a move to drain the swamp. He’s just happy talk, making people feel better, while things were going to hell and worse: It is the Trump rapid vaccine rollout. They will likely use him to roll out another round of vaccine for some other virus while the swamp keeps… Read more »

11 days ago

Bill Gates said in a TED Talk: “that with future “vaccines” world population could be reduced by 15%. Did the people listening to it not realize just what this bio-terrorist was saying? Just like Microsoft patches to “virus” issues is how humanity’s health is treated by BG. That’s why you don’t take advice
from those who profit from plandemics. Middle School biology class is enough science to understand just how absurd their medical advice promoted is wrong! ,

Last edited 11 days ago by StanleyCrawford