Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $45 Million in Sandy Hook Case

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Alex Jones is involved in three Sandy Hook lawsuits, was refused trials by jury and lost his cases by default because he failed to produce data and evidence required during the trial. The cases set a precedent for default judgements. The question of whether Jones’ comments were protected as free speech and freedom of the press were never argued or resolved. The legacy of these cases is expected to have a chilling effect on independent media dealing with freedom-of-speech issues.

Summary by JW Williams

Deseret News reported:

“Three lawsuits were filed against Alex Jones and his companies by parents of Sandy Hook victims in 2018, some claiming they have suffered “a severe degree of mental stress and anguish” due to the narratives spread by Jones and his media company alleging the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, according to one of the original petitions.

The cases took a surprising turn when the judge granted motions for default judgment, an exceedingly rare ruling, stating Jones’ team “have shown a deliberate, contumacious, and unwarranted disregard for (the) Court’s authority.”

Because Jones did not cooperate with court authorities, the judge ruled that he and his media companies are legally liable for damages caused to the families.”

Alex Jones never received a jury trial on the evidence because the judge ruled that he was in default for failing to provide materials requested in discovery and during the trial.

The court ordered Jones to pay $4.1 million for economic damages and $45.2 million in punitive damages in the latest Sandy Hook case. Legal experts say it is likely he will not pay the full amount because Texas law limits how much defendants have to pay in punitive damages to twice the “economic damages” plus up to $750,000.

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Link for video:

David Knight, a former reporter who was terminated from Alex Jones’ InfoWars, analyzed the case and said that Jones “hid” the information that plaintiff’s lawyers sought as part of the trial and he lost his cases after multiple judges ruled he was in default for not participating in the trials. Knight said that as a result, it was not made clear in the trial where the line is drawn between defamation versus the First Amendment and freedom of the press.

Jones’ lawyers accidentally sent phone records to opposing counsel, Mark Bankston, who accused Alex Jones, while he was on the stand testifying, of lying about not having the phone data. Bankston also claimed that Jones’ attorney, Federico Andino Reynal did not try to protect the information.

However, an email shows that the issue was raised by Bankston, who told Jones’ attorneys that the files contained “confidential information.” Bankston wrote: “My assumption is now that you did not intend to send us this? Let me know if I’m correct,” he enquired.

Bankston was told by Jones’ attorney Federico Andino Reynal to “disregard the link.”

But Bankston used documents he acknowledged defendants “did not intend to send.”

Andino Reynal’s request for a mistrial was rejected.

Knight said that when Jones took the stand, he got caught in a perjury trap due to the incompetence of his lawyer, Reynal.

In addition, Knight says that Jones inadvertently told the truth when he said on his show, “I’ve been sitting there, the final witness in the trial, where I’m already found guilty by the judge for not giving stuff over.”

Economist Bernard Pettingill testified that Jones and his company were worth up to $270 million. He said that Jones withdrew $62 million from the firm in 2021, when default judgements were issued in the current case and two other Sandy Hook defamation suits.

Several months ago, an anonymous donor gave Alex Jones $8-million in Bitcoin. Knight asked who is giving Jones the money, and what are they buying?

Knight said that he thinks that Alex Jones made fraudulent bankruptcy claims, which would violate federal law.

im Fetzer, who was also sued by a Sandy Hook parent and lost his case on procedural grounds, said that he offered evidence that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged to Alex Jones’ attorneys many times, yet they refused it. Fetzer also offered his evidence to Remington Arms after the gun manufacturer lost its case and was ordered to pay $73 million.

The Daily Bell commented that Alex Jones is the bellwether: whatever happens to him will subsequently befall a broader swathe of the anti-establishment/ independent press. They warned that default judgments for independent media outlets that do the wrong kind of reporting will become the “new normal.”


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3 months ago

Welcome to the USSA

David James
David James
3 months ago

I’d love to comment, but I’m so busy trying to read articles, which are screwed up due to the LEFT COLUMN of 6 square inches that annoyingly cover parts of all copy on the left side. You already have these icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the top, but the ones on the left are like: “Whose dumb design was this?”

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
3 months ago

This outrageous kangaroo court judgment against Jones takes the infowar to the next level. We can point out that he has freedom of speech and freedom of the press under the First Amendment, but the tyrants now essentially say, “Yeah, well, we don’t care! What are you gonna do about it?” The tyrants and those who support them are playing a dangerous game. If the leftist collectivists are no longer are bound by the rule of law, then their opposition will conclude that neither are they.

No More Fake News
No More Fake News
3 months ago

No fan of Jones, however nobody deserve to be railroaded by a Texas Kangaroo court just because he’s wealthy, outspoken & mostly right.. Free speech & freedom of the press is a guaranteed right. Defamation does not out-weigh constitutional rights.The case should have been dismissed with prejudice. This was clearly a get rich, shake-down trial. The stooge that played the judge violated jones rights on multiple counts. Anytime a judge denys a high profile defendant a right to a jury trial its a slam-dunk the court is corrupt and on the take. Jones should have had the judge thrown off… Read more »

3 months ago

Was Alex Jones a willing participant in this sham, playing right into their hands? From what [very little] I watched, it seemed so. Then again, I’ve been put on the spot a few times and was left wanting for MUCH better responses to the weasels attacking me. However, I was green behind the ears, not an old hat in the hot seat time and again. There is no point in being there (in court) if you are not allowed to defend yourself. Just say that and walk out. Then file suit against all those involved for Abuse of Power, Fraud… Read more »

3 months ago

Alex Jones is controlled opposition. Whether he was threatened or bribed, we don’t know. It doesn’t matter. He was the only witness called by his defense team. Why? Something stinks. Why did Alex Jones and Remington refuse to take James Fetzer’s evidence?