Los Angeles Drops Planned Mask Mandate. LA Health Director Caught in Conflict of Interest

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, Youtube
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Los Angeles County dropped plans to reintroduce a Covid-19 universal mask mandate that would affect over 10 million people after the City of Long Beach and Pasadena, which both have health departments separate from the LA County Department of Health, said they would not enforce. In addition, the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously voted not to uphold the mandate. The Los Angeles County Business Federation also opposed a mask mandate. County officials claim that the numbers of COVID cases have fallen and they have paused the mask mandate. Or, the County leaders realized they would lose power if their decisions were opposed and then nullified.

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer has a serious conflict-of-interest regarding masking as a study used by LA County and the CDC to promote masking in schools was co-authored by none other than her non-medically-trained daughter, Kaitlin Barnes. In addition, while Ferrer claimed that LA County is in a “high concern” COVID environment, she was spotted in a sea of of people at an MLB game cheering without a mask.

Los Angeles County’s health director said Tuesday COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths continue to show signs of stabilizing locally, which means the county might pause plans to reimpose a universal indoor mask-wearing mandate later this week.

Tuesday evening the City of Long Beach and Pasadena, which both have health departments separate from the LA County Department of Health, said there would not be enforcement of a mask mandate if it were to come back.

“Pasadena Public Health Department has determined that jurisdictional COVID-19 confirmed case rates have declined for about 10 days, and local hospitalization metrics have not continued to increase during that time,” health officials from Pasadena released in a statement. “The City of Pasadena health officer will not be issuing a general indoor mask mandate at this time.”

Health officials with the City of Long Beach released a similar statement, saying, in part:

Despite rising cases, hospitalizations among Long Beach residents remain stable, area hospitals have adequate capacity and fatalities remain low. Therefore, regarding masking, the City of Long Beach will continue to align with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), which strongly urges, but does not require, masking in most circumstances.

Speaking to the Board of Supervisors, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said she was “relieved” to report a continued drop in the average daily number of new infections being reported, with the past seven days seeing roughly 6,100 new cases daily, down from 6,700 the previous week.

The change of plans comes after the Beverly Hills City Council Monday night unanimously voted not to uphold the mandate, should it be imposed again.

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RedState:   https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2022/07/20/insider-la-county-health-orders-employees-to-prepare-to-enforce-anti-science-mask-mandate-n598822

RedState:   https://redstate.com/bobhoge/2022/07/21/mask-mania-in-la-did-public-health-director-barbara-ferrer-just-backtrack-n599587

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