List of 75 Soros-Linked District Attorneys/ Prosecutors Destroying the US Justice System

Many large cities have elected district attorneys and prosecutors who have been funded by George Soros and his affiliates with the goal of destroying the US justice system by refusing to prosecute criminals, including dangerous and violent criminals. The Soros-backed candidates outspend their competition. Strikingly, most of these prosecutors were political neophytes and had zero prosecutorial experience, or even previous criminal case experience – previously an assumed prerequisite for office. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund compiles a list of 75 prosecutors that are pushing Soros’ radical agenda. To date, Soros has spent more than $40 million  on direct campaign spending over the past decade to elect prosecutors.

Sky-high campaign donations from liberal anti-police billionaire George Soros and his groups have helped to elect 75 “social justice” prosecutors in whose cities jailings have plummeted and crime has surged, according to a new report provided to Secrets.

In a 17-page report compiled by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, a decade of spending has put Soros prosecutors in enough big cities that they represent one-in-five Americans, or about 72 million people. That includes about half of America’s 50 most populous cities and counties where 40% of U.S. homicides occur.

Soros is a well known proponent of social justice prosecution which calls for lighter sentences, especially of minorities. The movement, however, has led to higher crime in some cities and been decried by pro-law and order conservatives.

Police have led the charge against liberal prosecutors who have been refusing to file charges that lead to long prison sentences.

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Full report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund:

Gateway Pundit:

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Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
1 year ago

Why is it that Trump did not see the evil in this monster and his family?

1 year ago
Reply to  Fastt Ed

because trump is in on it

No More Fake News
No More Fake News
1 year ago
Reply to  Fastt Ed

Because, Trump is part of the mass-murder club. Operation Warp Speed” A Poison vax for the troops & Population.


Trump’s in bed with Soros.

Ragnar D
Ragnar D
1 year ago

If you’re just a regular slave-citizen, they’ll make sure you get busted if you exceed relatively low campaign contribution limits by a single dollar. But somehow if you’re a foreign psychopath like Soros you’re allowed to spend as much as you want on local elections that are none of your business. Furthermore, if the Soros money isn’t enough to get the desired result, they have the backup methods of electronic vote manipulation and ballot-harvesting mules making their 3AM deliveries to the drop boxes.