Kansas: 10,000 Mysterious Cattle Deaths Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

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Kansas: Last Monday, an estimated 10,000 cattle reportedly died due to a high temperatures over 100 degrees with 18% to 35% humidity. Some reports blamed the deaths on lack of water and care for the cattle while others blamed extreme heat from climate change. It is curious that only cattle died, as there have not been any reports that humans or other animals died from the heat. Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck said that he spoke with multiple ranchers that insisted on the need for an investigation as they believe “there’s no way heat caused 10,000+ cattle to drop dead.” The deaths of the cattle coincide with numerous disasters at food production plants that affect the food supply chain.

Link for video:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/uscdY6UI3u1S/

The 10,000 cows died all at once because of heat story is just not adding up. Wait till you hear one of the possible theories behind this sudden mass death wave which according to David DuByne is a “statistical impossibility.”

David DuByne and Mike Adams discuss the latest on this bizarre story plus a number of other food and world news events.

Cows have died before in a mass death wave in Cameroon in recent memory, but what you notice in that story is that people and animals both died, not just one air breathing species. The Lake of Death was due to a mass methane release which killed humans and animals alike, not just one set of 10,000 cows on one farm only.

That is what makes the Kansas mass cow death 10,000 all at once completely beyond normal scales suspicious for any clued in observers.

If the heat killed the cattle, why did people not also die? How does that make any sense? Was no human outside that day and did anyone die? So far no reports of any mass human death because of the heat, but could this be on its way. It is also totally implausible that this heatwave in Kansas so extreme that it could kill in this way.

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Read full article here…

Big League Politics:    https://bigleaguepolitics.com/breaking-10000-cattle-suddenly-dead-in-kansas-ranchers-its-not-heat/

Western Journal:    https://www.westernjournal.com/10000-head-cattle-killed-kansas-us-faces-skyrocketing-prices-potential-food-shortages/

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4 days ago

Putin or vegans. Take your pick.

4 days ago

They really are trying to starve us all, that is becoming very clear. This is terrifying and there better be a real investigation into this! They want us eating bugs and dirt or try to force us to eat their disgusting “meat alternatives.” 😡🤮

4 days ago

LMAO, cattle can handle 100degF. I’ve worked them at slightly higher temps, so they were stressed to some degree on top of the heat, not one died. Now out of 10k if there were a few that were about to die anyway… That is a massive ranch, probably top 25 or higher in the usa. Something stinks and it isn’t just the cow pies nor dead bovines… For them all to die same day, likely some sort of fancy weapon was used. That is if the story is true. It is most difficult to believe anything any more, for good… Read more »

2 days ago

These cattle they are so arbitrarily destroying are God’s creations. His vengeance can’t come soon enough. Not being satisfied with killing humans through abortion and fake pandemics forcing deadly vaccines upon humanity, they are now wantonly slaughtering food animals. I curse the day the schawbs, the gates, the faucis, the doors and the all the psychopathic garbage was born. There isn’t a night I don’t pray for God’s intervention but until humanity sets aside it’s path of moral relativity eschewing God’s existence and HIS creations I don’t see Him as intervening. He gave people free will and today we are… Read more »