Is the Irish Government Using Refugees to Take Over Private Homes and Businesses?

Ireland's Minister of Justice, Helen McEntee. Wiki
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Last year, the Irish government passed a law that allows the government to override private property rights for the “common good.” Allowing an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees into Ireland may provide the excuse for the government to take private property/ real estate from citizens. The Netherlands also appears to be making moves toward abolishing private property.

Ireland has a population of five million people, but has opened its border to an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees, with no cap. The Irish government seems to be intentionally creating an emergency in order to take away private property. Just one year ago, the Irish government passed a law that allows the government to override private property rights for the “common good.”

Ireland’s Minister of Justice, Helen McEntee, said that the government is having trouble housing Ukrainians that are now present, essentially admitting that they accepted too many already. She indicated that the government hopes to avoid forcing people or businesses to give up property or opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, a mayor in the region said that “suitable property” to accommodate Ukrainian refugees may need to undergo sequestration, which, according to international law, means the removal of property from an individual in possession of the property by a government to use for its own benefit.


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18 days ago

Try it here in the USA, bring it on ! The straw to break the camels back, revolution will look like a cake walk.

17 days ago

Has the criminal Irish Govt ever heard of the phrase….’BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM’?? When the Irish Citizens are ‘all gone’…..what, exactly, do they think will happen TO THEM???