Is Bird Flu the Next Pandemic?

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Hundreds of millions of birds have been culled in the name of phony PCR test results for the H5N1 bird flu. Egg facilities are being shut down and poultry shortages are on the horizon. In some states, the public is not allowed to buy live chickens for a backyard flock.

The media is claiming that an apocalyptic bird flu can wipe out 50% of the human population. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding gain-of-function research for 15 years that seeks to make a lethal virus that will jump from birds to humans. Bill Gates is invested in synthetic meat. Russians say that they have found evidence that the US Department of Defense in Ukraine is researching how to get an H5N1 virus attached to migratory birds and spreading throughout the world. In China in 2019, African swine flu decimated 40% of the pigs and the government consolidated the food supply.

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Larry Elder Debunks Media and Leftists’ Claim of ‘White Supremacy’ in Police Killing of Tyre Nichols

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