Foul Play With COVID-19 Death Certificates: Hospitals Made Record Profits

Dr. Henry Ealy
Dr. Henry Ealy, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering and naturopathic medicine, explains how the number of COVID deaths was hyper-inflated, which led to tyrannical health policies. He said that hospitals have had record profits over the past two years because they got extra money from the taxpayer-funded Medicare system for listing COVID as the cause of death on death certificates. He reported that in Santa Clara County, California, and in Alameda County, California, they did a partial audit, and it lowered their [COVID] death certificates by 22% and 25%.

Link for video:

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2 years ago

“explains how the number of COVID deaths was hyper-inflated, which led to tyrannical health policies.”  I have read these words many times before: Is this doctor believing that covid is for real? If so, then he has not met Dr. David Martin who says there is no covid, but a ponzi scheme to sell those weaponized vaccines that are not vaccines. These are found in the US codes and called bioweapons. Plus, this doctor believes we are physical and then die. So, he doesn’t understand how quarks and atoms spin and vibrate as light, the same light of the sun… Read more »

mary starrett
mary starrett
2 years ago

Dr. Ealy has been a strong voice for those who’ve questioned the prevailing COVID narrative. Now we see, with the initial Pfizer data dump, that he and those who did the hard work on this early on, were 100% correct. Thank you Dr. Ealy for sharing your research with elected officials who challenged the narrative.
We hold you in high esteem.