States Prepare for Massive ‘Influx’ of Illegal Migrants when Title 42 Is Lifted in May

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Title 42 is a Trump-era public health order, originally recommended by the CDC, that allows the rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Title 42 will be lifted on May 23and a huge influx of migrants is expected. Three states, Missouri, Arizona and Louisiana, are suing to block the lifting of Title 42 while Texas Governor Abbott plans to bus illegal immigrants to Washington, DC and Florida Governor DeSantis plans to bus border crossers to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Summary by JW Williams

Title 42 is a Trump-era public health order, originally recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that allows the rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants crossing the border. The CDC announced it would lift Title 42 on May 23, 2022. The White House acknowledged it would lead to an “influx” of migrants at the border.

Title 42 has been used roughly 1.7 million times by the Biden administration, a figure that includes repeat border crossers.
The Department of Homeland Security has estimated the number of migrants encountered daily at the border could swell to 18,000, up from 7,000 per day now.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that 18,000 illegal immigrants crossing per day equates to more than a half a million illegal immigrants crossing the border every single month from more than 150 different countries.

Since Biden’s inauguration, 3 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the US, and over 1 million crossed in the last 6 months.
Missouri, Arizona and Louisiana filed a lawsuit seeking to block the lifting of Title 42 by arguing that the CDC, which issued the order, violated the Administrative Procedures Act by failing to allow for a comment period on its revocation. The CDC, however, didn’t use such notice and comment rule making to put the order in place.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered state troopers to begin stopping and inspecting commercial vehicles coming across the border and said bus charters would be offered to take illegal migrants to Washington, DC. Texas officials also said they would begin “increased military activity” on the southern border and install razor wire at some low-water along the river to deter migrants from crossing.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would send the illegal immigrants dumped by Biden’s administration in Florida to Biden’s home state of Delaware, which is a sanctuary state.


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Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
11 months ago

The people who see this taking place in their towns, especially small rural areas, need to form vigilante groups and start making example of these unwelcome invaders. It’s now or never to defend our land against these invaders.

Jon Nellis
Jon Nellis
11 months ago

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! This issue has been around a very, very long time. The contradictory nature should be obvious to all who believe in the principle and ideals that made America unique. How did we become a nation of xenophobes and haters, that is the opposite of UNITED? America was the promised land of opportunity for all peoples who “yearned to breath free”. This is what made America… Read more »

No More Fake News
No More Fake News
11 months ago

Often times the political correct term is “Illegal Aliens” aka Free loaders, These aliens are just pawns in the game of divide and conquer nations. This is a tribal warfare tactic. The same plot used today was used by the jews in or about the year of 712 to invade Spain. The plot was to forge alliances with lesser culture’s to invade and govern Spain. The lure, fertile crop land, silver, gold and other riches. Of course, there’s always a spiritual element to the plot. The Christians vs. the muslims & jews. Today. A secondary purpose of the third world… Read more »

Jon Nellis
Jon Nellis
11 months ago

I agree, but we have plenty of free loading Americans of our own right here in the states, start with the politicians. Add to that all the non productive socialist administrators. Then work your way to the ponzi insurance scams, which are mathematically exactly the same algorithms as casinos, the only difference being casinos are based on HOPE of winning, and insurance is based on FEAR of loss. Non productive parasites will eventually kill the host. Of course there are the corporate banks, the true evil regardless of their “religious persuasion”, and den of “vipers and thieves” there would be… Read more »