Lethal Drug Included In Over-The-Counter Covid Test Kits

Covid home testing kit, Unsplash
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Abbott, a big pharma company that produces do-it-yourself home Covid test kits, adds lethal Sodium Azide to the kits. The tests are required for international air travel, but are not approved by the FDA. The tests have an emergency use authorization that protects the company from liability. There is a small warning against touching the swab to the dangerous reagent solution before inserting into the nose, but mistakes can happen.


Link for video:    https://www.bitchute.com/video/DnR00JoTiU4w/

Original link:  https://www.newswars.com/lethal-drug-included-in-over-the-counter-covid-test-kits/

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11 months ago

Hi Edward! sure appreciate your web news!
I know that we no longer have the rule of law, or truth or justice.
May God help us. My wife & I pray daily for you, your news program, and your family, and protection from the enemy every evening.

Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
11 months ago

If you have no underlying “issues” then this can all be considered a massive hoax to make money. Hand washing, distancing, make this a common sense tri-fecta. Just use COMMON SENSE.

11 months ago

The sodium Azide in the test kits is (allegedly) a smaller amount that could harm people according to the documents you can see in this video. I think eating white flour and sugar and not exercising is a bigger threat to one’s health that even the vaccines. . . so far at least. . .and the confusing info on each side is just creating a big divide.