Dr. Noack Reported Dead after Publishing Video about Covid Vaccines Containing Graphene Hydroxide

Dr. Andreas Noack
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Austria: Reports indicate that Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist, died from a heart attack several days after publishing a video in which he claims that graphene hydroxide is an ingredient in Covid-19 vaccines that has sharp pieces like nano-scale razor blades that can cut the lining in blood vessels and cause death. A woman published a video saying that Dr. Noack was brutally attacked and later died, shortly after he uploaded the graphene video. She made a subsequent video saying that he died from heart failure. She claimed that the attack that she described in her first video was energy attack. We await evidence for these claims that have yet to be substantiated.

Summary by JW Williams

Austria: Dr. Andreas Noack reportedly died days after publishing a video on November 23 claiming that graphene hydroxide is an ingredient in Covid-19 vaccines that has thin, sharp pieces that like nano-scale razor blades that can cut the epithelial lining in blood vessels and cause death. He said graphene hydroxide is especially dangerous if it is injected into a vein and enters the cardiovascular system. He said it is a stable substance and does not decompose in the body.

The video was translated by Stefan Reich, according to the credits.

Link for video:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/RtG88kTr2Mks/

One year ago, as Dr. Noack was recording a livestream video, he appeared to have been raided by armed police.

Link for video:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ju3wAZKJbFYG/

Several days after Dr. Noack’s video about graphene hydroxide was published, a woman, who appears to be pregnant, said that she was present when he was “attacked brutally” in a sneaky and unexpected assault. She said that Noack did not survive the attack. She implored the viewers to believe, take action, and implement the plan now. She recommended assuming the “enemy’s energy” and turning it against them.

Link for video:     https://www.bitchute.com/video/okNHJaCfyyIz/

The woman was identified as Anna, Dr. Noack’s girlfriend, and she made a subsequent video saying that Dr. Noack collapsed in her arms in pain and was paralyzed for about a half hour. He had symptoms for several more days that got worse and she called an ambulance. She said that he died at the hospital from a heart failure. There was confusion on the internet that Noack may have been beaten, but she said that in her previous video she meant that Noack was a victim of an energy attack. This claim has not yet been substantiated.

Link for video:    https://www.bitchute.com/video/AhIPjSUX0Hf1/

Source and additional information here:    https://bluecat.media/dr-andreas-noack-death-update-from-anna-cause-of-death-heart-attack-due-to-tricuspid-heart-valve-failure/

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Ragnar D
Ragnar D
11 months ago

Dr. Noack unambiguously stated that graphene (hydro)xide is in the “vaccines” whereas some other experts whom I respect have said it is not in them. I tend to believe that it actually is present in the shots, but these findings must be replicated by other labs in order to gain further support. If these graphene “razor blades” are indeed in the shots, then it just confirms that the vaxxed are in a dangerous mass experiment without the required informed consent.