Russia Is Forcing Covid ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccines and Vax Passports amid Cover Up of Vaccine Deaths

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Russia rushed its Covid vaccine, Sputnik V, to the public, is coercing its citizens to get the injections, and is encouraging vaccine passports to discriminate against those who reject vaccines, following the same plan as Western countries. Putin spoke at the World Economic Forum and endorsed expanding vaccine testing, treating Covid-19 as a lethal threat that requires international cooperation, and the entire global economy will need to be rebuilt from the ground up by central banks, indicating he is part of the Great Reset program. In December 2020, Russia prematurely ended enrollment for Sputnik V trials, claiming that the vaccine was safe. However, long-term vaccine injuries would have become apparent within four months. It is impossible to know how many Russians have died from Covid vaccines because there is no monitoring system for vaccine injuries and deaths. Doctors who question the vaccines are being threatened with fines and prison time. The Russian government has compared concerned citizens to terrorists. Russia’s Sputnik V caused many more vaccine injuries than Sinopharm and AstraZeneca, according to data from Argentina.

“Sputnik V is safe!”; “Putin is just ‘playing along’ with the COVID narrative until the petrodollar collapses!”; “Russia is the last bastion of freedom!”

Alternative media has created an alternative reality about Russia.

The Kremlin has embraced all the same soul-raping “public health measures” currently terrorizing the Western world—and people are either in denial or making excuses.

“There is no compulsory vaccination in Russia!”

All 85 federal subjects of the Russian Federation now have vaccine mandates, as well as rules requiring digital “health” certificates for entry to certain businesses, venues, and public institutions. Many regions are denying routine medical care to those without QR codes.

At the federal level, the Kremlin has voiced support for “any measures” that “encourage” Russians to get jabbed—while insisting vaccination remains completely voluntary.

A sample of regional flavors of “voluntary” vaccination in Russia:

  • In the Novgorod region, children whose parents have not been vaccinated are banned from afterschool clubs and other extracurricular activities.
  • Digital vaccine passports will be required to use public transport in Tatarstan. The new regulation applies to all residents over the age of 18 without a medical exemption.
  • In St. Petersburg, a negative PCR test cannot be used to obtain a QR code. This means theaters, museums and restaurants in Russia’s second-largest city are reserved exclusively for the vaccinated and those with proof of prior infection.
  • Muscovites over the age of 60 have been ordered to self-isolate until the end of February. Those who have been vaccinated or have proof of prior infection are exempt from the rule.

Probably you read somewhere that Vladimir Putin outlawed compulsory vaccination as part of his master plan to destroy the fractional reserve banking system and bring peace and harmony to the world. Someone lied to you. Sorry about that.

“…But Sputnik V is safe!”

Does the Kremlin have access to a time-bending wormhole? Because we keep reading boastful claims about the non-existent results of Sputnik V’s “long-term” (ha-ha) safety and efficacy trials—which are scheduled to end on December 31, 2022.

Like other COVID vaccines, Sputnik V has zoomed through clinical trials, with an “interim” report consisting of six months’ worth of data used as proof of its unassailable long-term safety and efficacy. It didn’t help that this already limited dataset was plagued by controversy (as well as an alarming lack of transparency).

Phase III vaccine trials typically require at least five years of careful observation. For example, the long-term safety study for J&J’s Ebola vaccine—which uses the same Ad26 viral vector platform as Sputnik V—began in 2016 and won’t end until 2023.

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