New Findings on Preventing Blood Clots from the Vaccine

Stanford A. Graham is Executive Director for Sanacor International, the producer of Cardio Miracle: New Findings on Preventing Blood Clots from the Vaccine. He explained that studies have shown blood clots in Covid patients and he said that L-Argenine can restore functionality to blood vessels and mentioned other effective protocols. Mr. Graham will be speaking on these topics at the Red Pill Expo to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6-7. The list of speakers, and tickets to attend this event or to live-stream it can be found at:  https://redpillexpo.org/

Video link:  https://rumble.com/embed/vlu972/?pub=m6fb1

New Jersey Dem Governor Phil Murphy Mysteriously Gained 40,000 Votes in Contested Election

The Associated Press declared Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy will lead a second term as Governor of new Jersey, beating the Republican opponent Jack Ciattarelli by 20,000 votes. Murphy is unpopular with many people due to his harsh Covid policies and lockdowns. 40,000 ballots were awarded to Murphy in Bergen County overnight, after the county was announced as 100% reported. Jack Ciattarelli was in the lead until extra votes trickled in from Democrat counties. In Essex County, a Democrat stronghold, 56 voting machines were shut down on election night and were NOT counted. Video shows a woman tried to vote for Jack Ciattarelli, but the voting machine would not register the vote. Ciattarelli said he will not concede yet.

Just last week, Wendy Martinez, a senior campaign advisor for Governor Murphy, was caught on undercover video by Project Veritas spilling the beans about his despicable plan to impose a state-wide Covid vaccine mandate AFTER re-election. In addition, she estimated that Murphy has secretly given $40 million to illegal aliens, and plans to give more money.

Video link:   https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/breaking-democrat-tricks-new-jersey-governors-race-republican-winning-largest-county-100-votes-counted-vote-flips-democrat-miraculously-wins-county/

Video Link showing woman was unable to vote for Republican Jack Ciattarelli:  https://rumble.com/vop3ne-new-jersey-voting-machines-not-accepting-votes-for-jack-ciattarelli-distric.html

The New Jersey Governor race has been called for the Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy (L).

Phil Murphy, a Democrat who has pushed New Jersey in a more progressive direction and overseen the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, won a second term as the Garden State’s governor Wednesday night, narrowly defeating Republican Jack Ciattarelli in a bitter and closer-than-expected race that was too close to call for nearly 24 hours.

The race was called by The Associated Press early Wednesday evening.

This comes after obvious issues were identified overnight where 40,000 ballots were awarded to Murphy in Bergen County after the county was reported as 100% reported.

Until the country takes voter fraud as a real serious issue, elections like this will continue to take place.  

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Gateway Pundit:   https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/breaking-democrat-tricks-new-jersey-governors-race-republican-winning-largest-county-100-votes-counted-vote-flips-democrat-miraculously-wins-county/

Gateway Pundit 56 Voting Machines Not COunted:  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/nj-election-update-56-voting-machines-shut-shipped-warehouse-election-night-dem-stronghold-county-gov-murphy-got-113k-votes/

Gateway Pundit Project Veritas report:  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/watch-project-veritas-part-ii-sr-advisor-reveals-nj-governor-murphy-secretly-funneled-40-million-taxpayer-funds-illegals-plans-give-millions-says-truth-like-politica/

Judge Held 2 DC Jail Officials in Contempt after they Ignored January 6 Protester’s Cancer and Broken Wrist

Washington, DC: Last month, Federal Judge Royce Lamberth found Quincy Booth, the Director of the Department of Corrections and Wanda Patten, the warden of the DC jail, in contempt of court for not handing over required documents relating to the lack of medical treatment of January 6 prisoner, Christopher Worrell, who suffered a broken wrist while in custody and was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He applied twice to be freed on medical grounds. Federal marshals conducted a surprise inspection on the Central Detention Facility (CDF) and found large amounts of standing human sewage, many cells that had no running water for days, jail staff members antagonized detainees, and and directed detainees to not cooperate. About 400 inmates awaiting court appearances in federal cases or post-sentencing assignment will be moved to the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pa. However, the move will exclude 40 defendants who face federal charges in the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, who are being held in the Corrections Department’s Central Treatment Facility (CTF) that was reported to be in better form than the main jail.

Update: Christopher Worrell will be transferred out of the DC prison and will be released to home detention.

  • Christopher Worrell, a Capitol riot defendant, has been in jail with a broken wrist for four months.

  • A federal judge said jail officials violated his civil rights by denying him appropriate medical care.

  • The judge referred the case to the DOJ for a civil rights investigation.

A federal judge Wednesday held two Washington, DC, jail officials in civil contempt of court after ruling that they had violated a Capitol riot defendant’s civil rights by denying him access to medical care.

In a hearing about medical delays for Christopher Worrell, a Proud Boys members and riot suspect, US District Judge Royce Lamberth said that DC Department of Corrections officials failed to hand over critical documents that were needed to approve surgery for Worrell’s wrist, which he broke in May while in custody.

“It’s clear to me the civil rights of the defendant were violated by the DC Department of Corrections,” Lamberth said, according to the Fort Myers News-Press. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6 defendant or not.”

He added: “It’s more than just the inept and bureaucratic shuffling of papers. Does no one care? Does no one follow up?” The Daily Beast reported.

Worrell, who was detained shortly after his March 12 arrest in Florida, is accused of pepper-spraying Capitol Police officers during the insurrection and engaging in violence and disorderly conduct, among other charges.

In the Wednesday hearing, Lamberth also issued a show-cause order and said he was referring the matter to the Department of Justice to investigate whether Worrell’s civil rights were violated, the Fort Myers News-Press reported.

Lamberth did not, however, impose any sanctions or penalties on the two jail officials in question, Warden Wanda Patten and DC Department of Corrections Director Quincy Booth.

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Washington Post:   https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/dc-jail-inmates-transferred/2021/11/02/b5255388-3be8-11ec-bfad-8283439871ec_story.html

Hawaii: Elementary School Blocks Parents from On-Campus Vaccine Clinic for Ages 5 and Up

Kalihi Kai Elementary School is planning two clinics on school grounds and during the school day, to give young children age 5 and older two doses of Pfizer Covid-19 injections on November 10 and December 1. In a letter from the school, parents were advised that “Parents WILL NOT be allowed on campus during the clinic.” Some schools have ignored parental rights and there is concern that children will be pressured to take the Covid vaccine.


A school in Hawaii announced an upcoming vaccine drive for elementary school students, but told parents they’re not welcome.

The bizarre request appeared in a letter to parents from the Kalihi Kai elementary school in Honolulu.


In the letter, the school says they’re scheduling two different vaccine clinics, as the FDA was poised to approve the experimental jab for youngsters.

“In preparation for FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11, KKS is planning to hold a student only COVID-19 vaccination clinic,” the letter reads.

“Tentatively, the vaccination clinic will be on November 10 and December 1, as the Pfizer vaccine requires two doses. The clinic will take place on campus during the school day,” the letter states, before adding, “Parents WILL NOT be allowed on campus during the clinic.”

Instead, the school says “staff will be on-hand to comfort and monitor your child.”

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San Francisco: Children 5-11 Will Be Required to Show Vaccine Passports/ Proof of Vaccination

San Francisco: In about eight weeks, children ages 5-11 will soon be subjected to the vaccine passport system and will be required to show proof of full vaccination in order to enter places such as restaurants, entertainment venues, swimming lessons, and more. The development was revealed the same day that millions of elementary-aged children around the country became eligible to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”

From Fox News, “San Francisco will require children ages 5-11 show proof of vaccine to access businesses”:

Children of San Francisco: Prepare to keep your vaccination cards close by.

The California city has announced that kids ages 5 to 11 will soon need to show proof they have received the coronavirus vaccine in order to gain access to indoor businesses and activities such as restaurants and gyms.

“We definitely want to wait and make sure that children have an opportunity to get vaccinated,” San Francisco Health Officer Dr. Susan Phillip said Tuesday during a virtual town hall on the city’s YouTube channel. “That will happen no sooner than about eight weeks after the vaccine is available to kids. So there will be a limited time in which there will not be those requirements, but then at some point, 5- to 11-year-olds will also have to show proof of vaccination to access some of those same settings.”

The development was revealed the same day that millions of elementary-aged children around the country became eligible to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

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New Digital Driver’s License Set to Include Your Vaccine Status, Travel Records and Social Credit Score

A new Digital Drivers License is currently in the works in Utah and other states. The program lists items that can be tracked or added later, and includes vaccine records, financial reports credit scores, travel records, taxes, spending, voting, sex offeder status, dietary preferences, licenses and permits, background checks, rewards programs and social credit scoring. This is the Chinese model for totalitarianism.

The program will include your driver’s license info and your COVID-19 status.  This will be tracked by the government and available to government employees.

A TGP reader sent this to us this morning–
The program may also include the following information in the future:

** Your health records
** Your financial reports
** Credit scores
** Travel records
** Vehicle registration
** Spending
** Voting
** Sex offender status
** Licenses and Permits you have
** Parking Fines
** Social Credit Scoring

This will be the end of individual rights as we know it.
Don’t count on the fickle Supreme Court to help you. If the totalitarians are able to implement this you will no longer have any rights in America. It is the China model at work here in the US and the globalists LOVE it.

Mississippi is also discussing the Mobile ID program.

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Canada: Ontario & Quebec Back Down on Vaccine Mandates For Healthcare Workers After Massive Resistance

The Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario have rescinded their COVID vaccine mandates, citing the system’s inability to cope with losing unvaccinated employees en masse. Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said that if 14,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers left, it would put essential services in peril. However, vaccine passports for people over 13 are still compulsory and Covid vaccines will be mandatory for new employees. Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, outright struck down the vaccine mandate. This marks a significant turn of the tide in the fight over vaccine mandates given these Canadian provinces were among the first governments to try implementing vaccine mandates.

The Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario have rescinded their COVID vaccine mandates, citing the system’s inability to cope with losing unvaccinated employees en masse.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said in a statement Wednesday that “the maintenance of essential services” could “not be ensured” in the absence of 14,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers.

“My priority remains that the population can receive the care and services they need. Compulsory vaccination would inevitably weaken the network, already under pressure, in a too important way,” he said.

“As a government, we have a responsibility to manage the risk between preventing COVID-19 and maintaining accessibility to the health care system. With our teams, we will continue to ensure that everything is in place to ensure the safety of network users, as well as its staff.”

Unfortunately, the vaccine passport will still “remain compulsory for people 13 years of age and over” in the province.

Dubé also said during a press conference that the injection will still “be mandatory for all new employees.”

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