A Huge Change in Banking is About to Happen – and You Won’t Like It

Patent attorney John Tituts
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Patent attorney John Titus said that the Federal Reserve (Fed) added $4.5 trillion to its balance sheet since March 2020, which is the largest monetary event in the history of the world! Not only did the Fed add a gargantuan $4.5 trillion in reserves, but they did it in such a way that it forced the creation of $4.5 trillion in new bank money, for the express purpose of deliberately causing mass inflation. The Federal Reserve is carrying out this plan under the cover of the so-called pandemic, but the plan was created before Covid-19 was introduced. The plan was drafted by BlackRock and given to the Federal Reserve in August 2019, four months before Covid struck. Titus said that many people are needed right now to counter what the Fed is doing. John Titus will be speaking on ‘‘Going Direct’: A Huge Change in Banking is About to Happen – and You Won’t Like It’ at the upcoming Red Pill Expo to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6-7. The list of speakers, and tickets to attend this event or to live-stream it can be found at:  https://redpillexpo.org/

Link for video:    https://rumble.com/embed/vlkuzs/?pub=m6fb1

John Titus has been a patent attorney for 25 years and also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering and worked as an electrical engineer in the space industry. He makes videos that focus largely on Wall Street crime, and cronyism in the Financial system.

He said that in March 2020 the Federal Reserve changed the pattern of money creation by creating ‘wholesale’ or public money, which was designed to affect the ‘retail’ money supply. During the pandemic, the Fed added $3 trillion in the space of a a few weeks, doubling its balance sheet, which caused the mirror-image creation of $3 trillion in retail money. This plan was devised by BlackRock and presented to the Fed in August 2019 — it was a pre-planned response to a crisis before COVID appeared on the scene. BlackRock advised the Fed to use its plan, titled The Next Economic Downturn, and the next economic downturn came in September 2019 in the repo market.

BlackRock called its plan to create central bank money and getting it into private hands “going direct”. The split circuit monetary system is divided in two categories, private and public, which refers to who is issuing money in the circuits. The private circuit is money issued by commercial banks, it is the money we use and is the retail circuit; its users are non-bank entities and people. The private circuit is ‘bank money’ and the public circuit deals in ‘reserves’. The public circuit is public money issued by the Federal Reserve. The users include other central banks, the US government and commercial banks.

For more than 100 years, the retail money supply was unaffected by the increase in reserves from the public circuit. But that changed during the pandemic as the retail money supply now tracks reserve increases dollar by dollar. The plan by BlackRock stated that an unprecedented response would be needed for an economic downturn that involves “going direct” so that central bank reserve money, issued by the Fed, can get money into private and public sector spenders.

The economic downturn began in September 2019 in the repo market and the New York Fed added reserves to the repo market, and when the pandemic hit, the Fed really packed reserve money onto its balance sheet. BlackRock’s plan was implemented and both reserves and retail money increased together.

This is why Titus says that the pandemic is really a monetary event, rather than a health event, that was used to transition banking for more control. A prime goal is digital money that can be monitored.

Link for video:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/iFKeO0Xj3yvr/

Link for article by John Titus:   https://childrenshealthdefense.eu/eu-issues/the-going-direct-reset/

Link for article about creating money out of nothing:   https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1057521914001070

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1 year ago

Hmmm. The date of Blackrock’s draft may have been before COVID-19 was known to the general public, but not necessarily unknown to them. I myself caught the SARS-CoV2 virus in December 2019, in Spain, but the Spanish authorities insist that the first case was in January or February 2020.