South Australia to Exempt Truck Drivers from Covid Vax after Big Rigs Block Highways

Australia Truckie protest
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Australia: Truck drivers protested against lockdowns, school shutdowns, closure of interstate borders, and mandatory vaccines by blocking major highways in some states. Now, South Australia, one of the Australian states, has dropped the vaccine requirement for truck drivers in an effort to keep them from delaying freight deliveries and jamming traffic. David Knight reports that 10% of Chicago school bus drivers walked off the job in protest against Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mandate requiring vaccines for city workers. The city is now offering students with disabilities $1000 vouchers to ride to school using Uber or Lyft. The cost is $1-million just for disabled students. -GEG

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An anti-lockdown protestor, supporting a rally by truck drivers against mandatory vaccines, has accused a TV reporter live on air of spreading “fake news”.

On Monday morning, Today reporter Jessica Millward was at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast, where truckies had converged in a sign of solidarity against Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

While posing a question to a woman holding a sign reading “Freedom is not a privilege. It’s a right” Millward was cut off.

“I want to get my message across, absolutely,” the woman said.

“So what are you going to report on this morning, the fake news?”

Back in the studio, host Karl Stefanovic praised Millward for “remaining calm”.

The same protestor stood beside Sunrise’s Bianca Stone moments later.

Truck drivers blocked the Reedy Creek exit on the M1 during peak hour on Monday, and were supported by outspoken Senator Pauline Hanson.

But just over an hour after they began, Hanson dismissed the group following threats from police to bring in tow trucks to remove the rigs.

The truck drivers headed south of the border to Chinderah to resume their action.

The demonstration comes one day ahead of a planned national protest, borne out of fury towards a vaccine mandate for drivers from 12 local government areas in Sydney, and for any essential workers traveling into Queensland.

As of August 30, authorised workers from Bayside, Blacktown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool, Parramatta, Strathfield and some suburbs of Penrith cannot leave their LGA unless they have received one dose of the vaccine.

Around the country, truck drivers must be tested every few days.

However, drivers say they have a right to choice and the freedom to work without the mandates.

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