Supreme Court Vacated on Report of Vehicle Filled with Explosives, Man Arrested

Floyd Ray Roseberry, Youtube
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Police evacuated the Cannon House office building and the Supreme Court building after a vehicle with parked outside the library of Congress. Police were in a standoff with Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49,  for five hours. The North Carolina man surrendered himself to law enforcement. It’s still unclear if there were explosives in the truck. A video from Roseberry indicated that he wanted Joe Biden to lead a series of strikes on Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban, and offered this as his only demand. He said: “This ain’t about politics, this ain’t got nothing to do with politics, I don’t care if Donald Trump ever becomes president to me, it doesn’t matter to me. I think y’all Democrats need to step down. Y’all need to understand the people don’t want you there.”

Times Square in New York was evacuated due to a suspicious device at 12:13 pm after a a metal container was thrown at an outdoor seating area. NYPD gives all clear by approximately 1:35 pm.

UPDATE:    Floyd Ray Roseberry, the mentally disabled “patsy” behind the conveniently-timed bomb threat to the Capitol on Thursday, said repeatedly during a Facebook livestream that someone “in the military” built the (inoperable) “bombs” he was threatening would automatically go off if he was shot and he was “chosen” to “talk” on behalf of those military experts.

A damning series of clips from Roseberry’s 30-minute Facebook livestream strongly indicating he is just the latest mentally ill person undercover FBI agents decided to entrap for political gain.

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In the full video recorded by the man who claims to have brought a bomb to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., obtained by National File this afternoon, the man identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry says he wants Joe Biden to lead a series of strikes on Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban, and offers this as his only demand.

The over 31-minute video, originally live streamed to Roseberry’s Facebook account before it was taken down either by the big tech platform or at the orders of federal authorities, features the man identified as Roseberry offering a stream of conscious rant in which he repeatedly asserts that he cannot detonate the bomb, that there are four more bombs located throughout Washington, D.C., and that the bomb was made originally by a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Repeatedly, the man identified as Roseberry discusses Afghanistan. At the end of the video, he lists one demand for Joe Biden: that he resume the war in Afghanistan by immediately striking the Taliban forces that conquered the country during his bungled withdrawal. The man has since surrendered to federal law enforcement.

“This bomb’s going off because it was built by y’alls people, the people y’all had in the military, y’all were the ones that trained the man to build it, he blowed his legs off to build it, so this thing’s right,” said the man identified as Roseberry at one point. Later, he added, “Your military expertise built this, your military expertise, Joe. All by decibels.”

Previously, National File reported that the man ranted about Afghanistan. In the video posted to Twitter earlier today, the man identified as Roseberry said “I don’t want to die Joe, I want to go home, just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home,” the man ranted. “Them people’s lives are on your hands, all them dead people’s on your hands. Afghanistan I’m standing for you strong, because the motherfuckers should have bombed their asses and made sure you was alright before they left.”

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2 months ago

When will America start obeying the Constitution and stay OUT of “foreign entanglements.

John Boscogolvitch
John Boscogolvitch
2 months ago

Sound like another FBI plant. There is no such thing as non-government sponsored terrorism.