Reuters: Half of Paris Cafes and Bars Refuse to Require Vaccine Passports

Police check diners' health passes/ vaccine passports. Youtube
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Half of the cafes and bars in Paris are reportedly refusing to enforce France’s new Covid health pass / vaccine passport mandate requiring proof of taking Covid vaccines, a negative Covid test, or recovery from Covid-19 in the past six months. People who enter a bar or restaurant without a Covid pass face six months in jail. Businesses that refuse to enforce the government’s orders face a seven-day closure. Two further offenses could lead to a year’s jail time and a €45,000 fine. The health passes are also required for public transportation. There is no public support for this control scheme. -GEG

Though you wouldn’t know it from watching the media’s highlight reels of compliant sheep going along with France’s vaccine passport rollout, half of Paris cafes and bars are reportedly refusing to comply with the control scheme despite government’s threats.

From Reuters, “Coffee and croissant in a French cafe? You’ll need a COVID pass for that”:

PARIS, Aug 9 (Reuters) – The French morning ritual of a coffee and croissant became more complicated on Monday as people had to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before taking a seat at their favourite cafe, though numerous eateries ignored the new rules.

A health pass now has to be shown to eat in a restaurant, drink in a bar, access non-emergency treatment in a hospital or travel on an intercity train, part of a government drive to contain a fourth wave of infections.

[…] Cafe and bar owners caught flouting the rule face a warning followed by a 7-day closure order on the second infraction. Two further contraventions could lead to a year’s jail time.

Even so, of the 10 restaurant and cafe owners Reuters spoke to in Paris on Monday, half said they refused to run the health pass checks. Police would take a lenient view initially, the Interior Ministry said.

There is no public support for this control scheme.

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