Will These Super Anti-Oxidant Pills Cure the Vaccine Injured?

Interview with Babry Oren, founder of Folium PX
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Babry Oren explains the benefits of Folium pX pills, made with herbs, pine-bark extract, and grape-seed extract, and provides laboratory evidence and testimonials. Folium pX was created to treat radiation damage and it removes heavy metals, aluminum, and other toxins. He says that removing heavy metals from the body is expected to benefit those who have taken COVID-19 vaccines. Folium pX is available from Reality Zone. -GEG

Video link:  https://odysee.com/@WAM:0/willthiscurethevaccineinjuredwam:9

Buy Folium PX here:  https://realityzone.com/product/folium-px/

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11 months ago

Dr Mikovits said that lab workers were secretly taking something called seramin, or pine needle tea to prevent spike proteins from proliferating. I think seramin is from the flu treatment RX (theraflu?). Shikimik acid is in theraflu and is in pine needle tea, star anise, and other things. People have been getting a quick dose by stuffing chopped pine needles in their espresso maker cup and sipping it 3 times a day
to prevent, and/or treat covid flu.
Douglas Fir pine needles have the best flavor. It’s a popular Christmas tree – btw.