US: “Infrastructure” Bills Will Usher in Paris Climate Agreement and Great Reset

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On Wednesday, July 21, the Senate will take an initial vote on the the $1.2-trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill, numbered HR 3684. The Senate will soon vote on an $3.5-trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill under the Senate’s “reconciliation” procedure, bypassing the filibuster. The “climate change” bills are disguised as “infrastructure” bills that would codify the Paris climate agreement and the Great Reset. Some of the items in the $3.5-trillion Senate bill include: mass amnesty of 10-million illegal aliens, a 50% reduction in carbon emissions, along with 80% “clean” energy by 2030, and a major expansion of Medicare, and universal pre-K. The plan is consistent with the UN’s goal of mass urbanization and driving individuals out of rural or low-density areas. Biden’s plan would spend $213-billion on more than two-million ‘affordable and sustainable’ places to live. It also seeks to abolish local zoning rules and introduce multifamily apartment housing into single family home neighborhoods, destroying suburbs. Mass transit is also a major part of the bill to restructure America. -GEG

On Wednesday, July 21, the Senate will take an initial vote on the the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, numbered H.R. 3684. The Senate will also soon vote on an extreme-left partisan “infrastructure” bill that will cost at least $3.5 trillion — this bill will be voted on under the Senate’s “reconciliation” procedure, bypassing the filibuster. “Moderate” Senator Joe Manchin, favors both bills. Tell your representative and senators to put an end to these destructive bills!

Joe Biden, his administration, and congressional Democrats are seeking to pass a radical “climate change” bill — disguised as an “infrastructure” bill — that would codify the Paris climate agreement and the Great Reset.

The Left is attempting to cram as many of their extremist proposals as possible. Here is some of what their partisan $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” reconciliation bill will include:

It should be noted that despite being advertised as being $3.5 trillion, the partisan “reconciliation” bill could actually cost up to $5.5 trillion.

Meanwhile, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan plan (H.R. 3684) will, among other provisions, include $49 billion for public transportation, $15 billion altogether for electric transportation, $65 billion for broadband, $21 billion for “environmental remediation,” and $47 billion for “resilience.” Additionally, H.R. 3684 will “modernize” the power grid to accommodate “green” energy.


Biden’s so-called “American Jobs Plan” is the basis for the two plans working their way through Congress. While advertised as an “infrastructure” plan, only 5% of the funds would actually go to roads and bridges, and even if one takes an expansive view of “infrastructure,” only 25% of the plan would fund such projects.

Where will the remaining 75% of the funds go? They will be used to advance a far-left environmental-Marxist agenda that would codify the Paris climate agreement and the Great Reset into U.S. federal law.

Environmentalists recognize the plan’s potential to implement their agenda. According to the left-wing Atlantic magazine:

If you want the United States to act at a national level to fight climate change, this bill is it. This is the climate bill.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a similar statement:

I will not pass an infrastructure package that first doesn’t reduce carbon pollution at the scale commensurate with the climate crisis. We are gonna have a strong, bold climate bill.

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4 months ago

Thank you for adding the comment feature.
My response to the article? We are at war. An asymmetric, guerilla war utilizing massive infiltration of crucial American assets, both in infrastructure and primary agency personnel, including the military. The US government is in enemy hands, it is that simple. There is only one remedy. It is spelled out in the Constitution.
The covid hoax and depopulation results from it have already ushered in a new “Dark Age”. The future is apocalyptic.

4 months ago

“Looking ahead” – if this nation survives ( which I doubt ) to the next election, the next populist POTUS will really have his hands full. I will say right now that it will not be Trump. He let us down in a few ways.

4 months ago
Reply to  Ed

He let you all down in every way! He was made out to be your saviour, but he himself is part of this satantic group called the elite, and because ppl were not taking notice of him and the vaccines, they voted in Bully Biden

4 months ago

Climate crisis is yet another manmade up crisis, make a problem to solve the problem, heroes are then born and no-ones any the wiser that theirs people out-there trying to de-populate this world