Larry Elder Reinstated as Candidate to Replace California Governor Newsom in Recall

Larry Elder, Youtube
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California: Radio and television personality Larry Elder, a black conservative lawyer, was initially disqualified from California’s recall election to remove Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom scheduled for September 14. A 2019 law in California requires gubernatorial candidates to submit tax forms in primary elections, but a judge ruled that, because this is a recall election, no tax forms are required, and Elder now is an official candidate. Elder has name recognition in the state and is leading other challengers by 10 points.

While a recent poll showed Elder leading among the recall candidates by double digits, California voters first have to decide to remove Newsom from office before a decision can be made about who will replace him. The first of two questions on the recall ballot will ask voters if they want Newsom to leave office before his term officially ends next year. If more than 50 percent of voters say they do, the recall candidate who receives the greatest number of votes will be the one to replace him. -GEG

Larry Elder is in, because a new tax return requirement is out.

The conservative talk radio host will appear on the ballot as a candidate to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 recall election, a judge ruled as she determined that a state law requiring that candidates submit five years of tax returns does not apply to recalls.

The ruling by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl on Wednesday marked a curt conclusion to a question that’s lingered — unchallenged until this week — ever since Newsom argued in May that candidates seeking to replace him in the recall would have to submit five years of federal tax returns. The requirement stems from a law Newsom signed in 2019 that says gubernatorial candidates must submit their tax returns in order to have their names appear on a “primary election” ballot.

But the recall is a special election, not a primary, and legal experts CalMatters interviewed in May said the new law should not apply to the recall.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber, however, announced in June that candidates seeking to replace Newsom would have to turn in their tax documents. Dozens of them did so by the Friday deadline, and Weber’s office published 1040s and various schedules from 40 candidates on its website.

Elder — an attorney who is well-known for his conservative commentary on television and radio, and in newspaper columns and books — was not among them. Weber’s office told him that he had not properly submitted his tax returns, and was therefore not eligible for the ballot.

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11 months ago

Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot – AGAIN!
With so many Republicans to split the vote newsom could be voted out (more than 50%) and then be voted back in (highest vote total among candidates).

11 months ago

I am a HUGE fan of Larry Elder. He should run for president after he’s through being a govenor.