Updated List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 87 Total Cases – Trump/ GOP Won 71% of Cases

President Trump was winning the race on election night November 2020 by a wide margin and then suddenly multiple states took a break, quit counting, and by the end of the week the election was flipped to Joe Biden. Mainstream media claimed that Trump lost numerous court cases, but courts across America refused to hear most of the cases. There are 87 court cases to date based on the 2020 election, and only 24 were decided on the merits of the cases. Trump and Republicans prevailed in 17 out of the 24 cases, or 71%. There are still 12 cases that are active.

The 2020 election will go down as arguably the greatest fraud in world history.  The tremendously popular incumbent candidate, President Trump, was easily winning the race on election night in a landslide and then suddenly multiple states took a break, quit counting, and by the end of the week the election was flipped to Joe Biden.

Then, as the President and his team attempted to address the fraud and alleged abnormalities, the courts refused to hear many of the important cases that impacted the nation and the world.

We’ve heard over and over from Big Media that President Trump and his team lost numerous court cases linked to the 2020 election.  But this is not accurate.

Here’s what we identified as provided in an accurate and updated list of court cases:

  • There are 87 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
  • In 26 cases President Trump was the plaintiff
  • In 56 cases President Trump was not the plaintiff
  • In 5 cases President Trump is the defendant
  • In 24 cases the case was decided on the merits
  • In 17 of the 24 cases (71%) decided on the merits President Trump and/or the GOP prevailed
  • 12 cases remain active

Here is a link to the list of cases.

Read full article here…

Full list of all 87 lawsuits:


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Tom Ball
Tom Ball
2 years ago

It’s a good thing the globalist Zionist plan to conquer the world will go forward either way.

2 years ago

So when do we Constitutionalists get to evict the ( D ) communists from the White House ? I want obama and biden behind bars. Next is Hit-lery and her scum huz’

Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo
2 years ago

I live in Newark, NJ. When I went to vote last Nov.I saw in the register that the signature wasn’t mine. They had spelled my name with two different fonts: Rob, one font and rest as if some other falsificator had finished the signature. I told the inspector and she said; “Don’t worry, it’ll be corrected”. I had worked for the NYC Board of Elections for 17 years as a Coordinator. I can detect election fraud immediately.