‘Smart’ Thermostats in Texas Homes Are Being Accessed Remotely and Turned Up Due to an Energy Shortage

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Some residents in Texas have reported that their thermostat has been turned up remotely so that it will not trigger the air conditioner. Many ‘smart’ thermostats have been enrolled in a program called “Smart Savers Texas.” The agreement states that in exchange for an entry into sweepstakes, electric customers allowtheir thermostats to be controlled during periods of high energy demand. This is the peril of having internet accessible devices in the home.

Have a smart thermostat at home? Better keep an eye on it – especially if you live in Texas.

That’s because some residents of the Lone Star state have been claiming that someone has been turning up the temperatures at their homes, remotely, at the same time the state is undergoing an energy shortage. 

And while the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has asked Texans to turn up the temperatures at their homes to help deal with the shortage, some residents are claiming it’s being done for them.

Deer Park resident Brandon English told KHOU: “(My wife) had it cranked it down at 2:30. It takes a long time for this house to get cool when it gets that hot. They’d been asleep long enough that the house had already gotten to 78 degrees. So they woke up sweating.”

His wife received an alert on her phone shortly thereafter saying their thermostat had been changed remotely due to an “energy saving event”. 

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1 year ago

I would agree to a few degrees warmer house than no electricity.

Chantale Muller
Chantale Muller
1 year ago

Remote control of our property, our choices, is NOT okay AT ALL, by ANY means. Let’s discuss the REAL problems of technocratic tyranny, how it has come upon us and how to rebuke it.