New Video of the Protest at the Capitol on January 6 Shows Trump Supporters Injured by Police

Alleged Antifa agitator,
image_pdfimage_print released 37 minutes of video from the Capitol on January 6, 2021 that shows a few agitators pushing past police boundaries. In other scenes, Capitol Police threw flash grenades and fired on peaceful pro-Trump protesters. The footage also shows that a police officer pushed a Trump supporter off of a 2-storey ledge, which reportedly left him severely injured.

UPDATE:  Ashli Babbitt’s family have filed a lawsuit to obtain the records on the officer who shot her. Congressman Devin Nunes also called for the name of the officer who shot her to death. In a recent interview, he mentioned that 14,000 hours of video from January 6 is being withheld from the public.

Watch video here: released their outstanding documentary on the Jan. 6 Protest and March in Washington DC.

The film combines numerous clips including video of:

** The unprepared and understaffed Capitol Police.
** Four skinny police officers blocking a march of over 100,000 patriots from passing through their bike rack barrier on way to the US Capitol.
** Open doors and open hallways inside the US Capitol.
** Police firing gas canisters and sound grenades on the massive Trump crowd without warning.
** Music blaring from cars set up to agitate the protesters.
** Capitol Police pushing a Trump supporter off of a two-story wall — Severely injuring him.

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