Teachers’ Union Caught Influencing School Reopening COVID Guideline. GOP Rep Calls for CDC Director To Resign.

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According to emails, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a powerful union, lobbied the CDC and even suggested language for the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance that was released in February. Teachers’ unions across the United States rallied to keep schools closed during the pandemic, ignoring a body of scientific evidence that said it’s safe to teach students face-to-face. The CDC was prepared to write that schools could provide in-person instruction regardless of community spread of the virus, but, under the influence of the AFT, this caveat was added: “In the event of high community-transmission results from a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, a new update of these guidelines may be necessary.” The AFT also demanded special remote work concessions for teachers. Critics assert that the CDC willfully ignored the science and slow-walked a return to in-person learning even as mounting evidence showed schools were not a primary source of coronavirus infections as long as they followed mitigation strategies. The AFT represents 1.7 million educators and public employees, and the deep-pocket funding source for Democrats spent almost $20 million to elect Dems during the 2020 election cycle. Republican Representative Greg Murphy, a medical doctor, called on CDC director Rochelle Walensky to resign.

The American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on, and even suggested language for, the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February.

The powerful teachers union’s full-court press preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on a full re-opening of in-person classrooms, emails between top CDC, AFT and White House officials show.

The emails were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative watchdog group Americans for Public Trust and provided to The Post.

The documents show a flurry of activity between CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, her top advisors and union officials — with Biden brass being looped in at the White House — in the days before the highly-anticipated Feb. 12 announcement on school-reopening guidelines.

“Thank you again for Friday’s rich discussion about forthcoming CDC guidance and for your openness to the suggestions made by our president, Randi Weingarten, and the AFT,” wrote AFT senior director for health issues Kelly Trautner in a Feb 1 email — which described the union as the CDC’s “thought partner.”

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Free Beacon:  https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/exclusive-gop-rep-calls-for-cdc-director-to-resign-over-union-collusion/

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