COVID Vaccine Animal Trials Reveal Threat To Life In The Womb

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Pregnant women are being led to believe the COVID-19 injections are safe, but none of these vaccines have been approved for pregnant women. As of of May 22, VAERS data shows that 283 babies have died in the womb after their moms took COVID vaccines. More than 53% were linked to the to Pfizer BioNTech shot.

The US FDA has not released full study details on the animal trials conducted for the COVID-19 vaccines. However, the European Medicines Agency has, and the animal trials showed fetal death and serious birth defects occurred in the trial rat specimens. According to a whistleblower who reportedly serves on a COVID-19 task force, a reproduction toxicity study on the Pfizer product performed in pregnant rats showed that “There was an increase (~2x) of pre-implantation (pregnancy) loss” and, “a very low incidence of gastroschisis, mouth/jaw malformations, right sided aortic arch, and cervical vertebrae abnormalities.” The whistleblower said that while Pfizer claims that the pregnancy losses were within normal histological ranges, they were consistently seen, and are likely statistically significant.

Newly obtained data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), website shows that unborn children in the womb continue to be adversely affected by COVID 19 vaccines at an alarming rate. Abortion Free New Mexico has also received expert analysis on the animal trials (published by the European Medicines Agency) for these vaccines that confirm what VAERS reports indicate, that these vaccines are harmful and toxic to unborn babies.

Abortion Free New Mexico has previously reported that none of the COVID 19 vaccines have been approved for pregnant women and are being distributed without full approval from the FDA on an emergency approval basis. In addition, all four of the vaccines currently being distributed are produced and/or tested with cell lines that originated from an aborted child.

As of May 22, 2021, there are a total of 283 adverse reports in VAERS where the symptom is either “spontaneous abortion” or “fetal death”. Of these, 9.54% are attributed to J&J/Janssen, 36.75% to Moderna and 53.71% to Pfizer BioNTech. These cases can be seen in the chart below based on time from vaccination to pregnancy loss. These events are occurring very close to the time of vaccination, and subsequently falling off as time progresses. This is highly suggestive of a causative link between the vaccination and the adverse event. In fact, nearly 30% of these events occurred within 0-2 days after vaccination.

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1 year ago

If you broaden the search to include all abortion related symptoms and fetal death/damage, the total is 469 poor babies gone. I have found that the filing system is not very accurate, so have started broadening the search terms a bit. If you then read the case write-ups, you will see they all miscarried after the jab. Sad state of affairs!