Vaccine-Injured Health Care Workers Speak Out

Del Bigtree interviews three professional health-care workers who tell their heart-breaking stories of what happened when they happily accepted the mRNA vaccine. Within a few days of the injections, they were in constant, full-body convulsions. When the hospitals and clinics that employed them insisted this was not related to the vaccines but merely a psychological disorder, and when doctors even refused to accept them as patients, they were jolted out of their illusions about the medical-industrial complex they had so willingly served. Desperate for help, they published videos of their horrendous condition on the Internet, which went viral but also triggered a barrage of accusations that they were acting! Since then, these courageous women have organized a support group for other victims with the same adverse reactions. Their numbers have grown into the hundreds, but none of them have been reported by hospitals, and they are missing from official statistics. No honest person can remain on the fence after hearing these stories. -GEG

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Facebook’s Fact Checker on Vaccines is Funded by an Organization that has $1.8-Billion Invested in Vaccine Stocks

Anyone who even questions the safety of COVID-19 vaccines on Facebook’s platform is immediately slapped with a fact-check warning by Factcheck.org. Articles about alternative treatments and studies showing that vitamin D and zinc can prevent illness have been blocked. One of Facebook’s most prominent “fact checking” groups that claims to be independent is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that holds about 15% of its assets, over $1.8-billion of stock, in vaccine manufacturer Johnson and Johnson. The CEO of the foundation is Richard Besser, the former acting director of the CDC under Obama and ABC News’ former chief health and medical editor. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Former President Trump signed the $2.3-trillion omnibus bill in December 2020 that contained $1-billion of taxpayer funding to help market the vaccine. -GEG

Accurate information about the vaccines and other vital COVID-related topics hinges upon the ability to disseminate the facts on major social media platforms like Facebook. In turn, Facebook relies on FactCheck.org, among other shady organizations, to rule on what information is admissible. FactCheck.org is funded by a grant from an organization run by Obama’s former CDC director, whose assets contain Johnson & Johnson stock. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Welcome to the world of “independent fact checkers.”

Over the past year, Facebook has censored nearly every one of my articles and commentaries questioning the science behind lockdowns or mask mandates. More recently, it has placed a blockade on any information raising questions about the vaccines. Facebook has also blocked people from sharing my articles promoting cheap, lifesaving drugs, such as ivermectin, or even studies showing how sufficient doses of vitamin D and zinc can prevent critical illness from SARS-CoV-2.

In each instance of censorship, Facebook has posted a notice misleading anyone who wishes to share the article into thinking that the particular points raised in the article were independently fact-checked and found to be false. First, it’s critical to note that almost no article Facebook employees censor is fact-checked by anyone; they merely rely on an initial fact-check of one person’s article critical of masks — just to give an example — and then trot out that same fact-check as an excuse for zapping any article questioning the wisdom of mask-wearing, even if the points raised in said article are completely different from the issues addressed in the first fact-check.

However, there is something much more insidious going on with the fact-checking industry. The inmates are running the asylum and the foxes are guarding the henhouse. When the vaccines began to be dispensed to the public in December, FactCheck.org started “SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project” to specifically focus on the flow of information pertaining to the vaccines. The site has a disclaimer on the top of the website stating: “SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project is made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”

Comically, the next sentence reads, “The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation.”

In fact, the views expressed almost assuredly do reflect the views of the foundation. FactCheck.org claims, “The goal is to increase exposure to accurate information about COVID-19 and vaccines, while decreasing the impact of misinformation.” Yet have you ever seen the organization offer balanced coverage or flag a single post on the other side of this debate as false, no matter how outlandish the claim might be, including articles advocating experimental emergency use authorization vaccines for little children?

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Free Thought Project:    https://thefreethoughtproject.com/congressman-massie-facebook-fact-checkers/

Company Converts Digital Data into Strands of DNA Placed into Spores and Sprayed on Food to be Tracked

Christian, the Ice Age Farmer, reveals that Aanika is a company that recently introduced a genetically modified organism probiotic spore that can be misted onto dry goods or added to liquid products so that the spores can be traced. It can provide a digital ID for anything, including food. The spores added to food will be tracked from the field to the store, to your stomach, and finally to the smart sewers. Vishaal Bhuyan, the founder of Aanika, says spores are used because they can withstand high temperatures and UV light. Christian pointed out that Bhuyan did not answer the question about testing his product on animals and, instead, just started talking about climate change. The venture capital group SOSV that conducted the video conversation invests heavily in “post animal” meat products and replacement agriculture, including breast milk. Another similar company, Phylagen, is working on using microscopic dust technology for tracking. The video is a glimpse into a surveillance system for a post-human and post-animal economy. -GEG

Accused 2017 Inauguration Antifa Rioters Get $1.6M Payout From DC Govt while Capitol Stormers Are Locked in DC Jails

Two lawsuits accusing DC Metropolitan Police Department of ‘excessive force’, after arresting 200 people during riots at Trump’s 2017 inauguration, settled for a total of $1.6 million to be awarded to accused Antifa members. Meanwhile, Trump supporters have been jailed, kept in solitary confinement and abused for as little as stepping foot inside the Capitol on January 6.

NPR, “D.C. To Pay $1.6M In Police Misconduct Lawsuit Filed After 2017 Inauguration Protests”:

D.C. will pay $1.6 million to settle two lawsuits filed against the city for false arrests and excessive force during demonstrations on Inauguration Day in 2017.
The lawsuits — one filed by the ACLU of D.C. and a class action suit by civil rights attorney Jeffrey Light — charge that D.C. police violated the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, in addition to D.C. law, when they arrested more than 200 people without probable cause during protests against former president Donald Trump’s inauguration.
The suits also alleged unlawful conditions of confinement for those arrests, and excessive use of force by Metropolitan Police Department officers.
The $1.6 million is a combined payment from the city in both suits; the case brought by the ACLU of D.C. settled for $605,000 while the class-action lawsuit, which is still subject to final approval by a court, is set to settle for $995,000, according to a statement from the D.C. ACLU.
As Tucker Carlson said, America has “two systems of justice — one for the allies of the people in charge and one for their enemies!”

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Dem Michigan State Rep Proposes Stripping Veterans of Earned Benefits If Government Labels Them “Domestic Terrorists”


Michigan State Representative Sarah Anthony cited the January 6 protest at the Capitol in her bill targeting veterans that would strip them of their earned state-administered benefits for serving our country if they are convicted of ‘domestic terrorism’. Her bill adds an extra punishment for veterans and is designed to discourage them from even thinking about taking part in a protest that might turn violent or joining a group that might be perceived as anti-government and labeled “domestic terrorists” by the left. 

Democrats and the Deep State are codifying violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters while blatantly placing a target on the backs of our veterans and law enforcement officers.

Michigan State Representative Sarah Anthony, who represents part of Lansing where protests at the state’s capital are commonplace, is worried about the uptick of “incidents involving domestic terrorism over the last few years” and cites the January 6, 2021 protest at the US Capitol building as evidence.

As a way to get out ahead of any future incidents like the time American citizens entered the Capitol building on January 6—some by force and some who entered while police officers stood by and watched, Anthony is proposing legislation that specifically targets US veterans.

The Democrat state representative isn’t targeting violent Black Lives Matter or Antifa activists who break into federal buildings and light them on fire. She’s not targeting the criminal BLM/Antifa activists who burned and looted several businesses in the city she represents on May 31, 2020, at the height of the Wuhan virus pandemic.
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