Why Have Life Insurance Rates Remained Unchanged If there Is a Deadly Pandemic?

Life insurance expert Bob Burnett, Bitchute
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Bob Burnett of Create Tail Wind said insurance companies are the best place to find mortality information because their business depends on accurate mortality rates. If life insurance companies increase their rates, their sales go down and, if they increase their reserve levels, then dividends go down, so they have to be brutally honest. Insurance companies have not made any changes in their reserve structure. It has been 13 months since COVID-19 came on the scene, but rates have not changed from last year. He says age and obesity are the #1 risk factor for dying from (or with) COVID-19 and, if a person is under 70 and not obese, there is no material change in mortality rate. -GEG

Click this link for Ben Swann’s interview with life insurance expert Bob Burnett on Bitchute:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/XQdczkybdVDS/


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MJ Raichyk
MJ Raichyk
1 year ago

As someone who studied actuarial science before switching to decision analysis, and who did actuarial work in property&casualty, I have to point out that actuaries do NOT like their key numbers to change much at all and always use multiple years of data to try to take the variability out of their answers on key numbers…… so……… with the SUDDEN *disappearance* of ‘influenza* simultaneously with the SUDDEN appearance of ‘covid’, i’d not expect the data to change at all…. what i wonder about is the SILENCE OF THE ACTUARIES..  They invest a huge amount of personal credibility in their ‘signature’ authority… Read more »