Homeless People Forced to Move Their Encampments for the Oscar Show

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The city of Los Angeles forced homeless people out of an encampment next to this year’s Academy Awards at the historic Union Station. This was to make sure the attendees and cameras did not catch views of hundreds of homeless people who use the facility and live in the tent cities nearby. DJ, a homeless man, said, “They told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff and [that] if we have any warrants out on us they’re gonna take us to jail.” He said they “forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on Third and Figueroa.”

City Councilman Kevin de Leon disputed DJ’s account and said no one was ‘forced’ to relocate. Instead, they were offered accommodations at the swanky Grand Hotel where rooms rent for $175 to $335 per night. The Grand Hotel is currently closed to the public due to Covid, but was opened for this purpose – at taxpayer’s expense, of course.

Union Station was protected by security fencing and police stood guard to protect the unmasked actors and celebrities while they spoke to the world on TV about the evils of law enforcement. It is possible that this message was the reason the show received all-time low ratings with only 9.8- million viewers, down almost 60% from the 24-million who watched last year’s telecast. -GEG

The city of Los Angeles allegedly kicked homeless people out of an encampment next to this year’s Academy Awards venue to present a glitzy “image” while in the national spotlight, according to a report Sunday.

Scores of homeless people — many living in tents near the Union Station building in Downtown L.A. — were allegedly threatened and ordered to leave in the days leading up to the star-studded event,  according FOX 11 Los Angeles.

“They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars,” a homeless man identified a DJ told the station. “They told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff and [that] if you have warrants we’re gonna take you to jail.”

Some homeless folks were relocated to a nearby hotel in an effort to clean up the area’s look before Tinseltown A-listers flock to the 93rd Annual Academy Awards, which will be held Sunday at Union Station.

“They were coming and harassing us three or four times a day…They forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station so it looks better for the image.”

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The Grand Hotel, downtown Los Angeles

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Post Millennial:  https://thepostmillennial.com/walls-erected-outside-academy-awards-to-protect-the-hollywood-elite

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1 year ago

This article tells it all. The Hollywood elite are full of ongoing contradictions and falsehoods.

John Boscogolvitch
John Boscogolvitch
1 year ago

Tough life when you’re forced to get up out of your own feces and live in a relatively high class hotel. Was the room service not up to their expectations? What’s the beef?