Canada Is Sending COVID-Positive Travelers to ‘Internment’ Facilities

PM Justin Trudeau, Youtube
Canadians returning to their country must be tested before and after takeoff, and, if their test results come back positive, they will be required to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities. The government is locking people up without trial. According to the Canadian government, anyone who attempts to avoid detention in a government internment facility could face a million-dollar fine and three years in prison. A member of parliament warned that it can take hours to book these government sanctioned hotels, and that food and water are not always available. The doors in some of the internment facilities don’t lock, and detainees have no way to protect themselves while they sleep, which has led to sexual assault. At the same moment that the government is clamping down on its own citizens, the country will welcome 400,000 new immigrants over the next eight months who will be exempt from quarantine.

Back in November, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted the Covid policies are not about stopping the coronavirus and saving lives, but are an opportunity to permanently change Western civilization. He said, “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actual address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

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1 month ago

Tucker is nothing but false opposition making the long-term case for mass vaccination. Not once since since February 2020 has he questioned the existence of the novel virus or the truth of the pandemic. The REAL point of that clip was to promote vaccination.

1 month ago

Good. Everyone getting EXACTLY what they deserve for going along with this pathetic hoax. Everyone thinks it’s ‘real’, then a dose of reality is ‘just what the doctor ordered’.

s furner
s furner
28 days ago

Justin Trudeau is what needs changing in Canada. The man is a communist & shows utter contempt for Canadians. All globalist leaders are in for a massive wake up call & they will be the ones locked up, not innocent people. That’ assuming they don’t hang for their crimes against humanity.