Canada: Business Bans COVID Vaccine Recipients from Entering Premises


Rocky Mountain House, Alberta: Tea Rocks, a metaphysical supply store, posted a new policy stating they will not allow any individual vaccinated for COVID-19 within the last month to enter their store. They stated that they have an employee who is pregnant and do not want to endanger her as there have been numerous claims that people who are vaccinated can “shed” the spiked pathogens from the vaccine onto unvaccinated women, affecting their menstrual cycle or fertility.

A local Rocky Mountain House business is making waves on social media over a new policy they’ve implemented.

Tea Rocks, a metaphysical supply store, posted a new policy Tuesday stating they will not allow any individual vaccinated for COVID-19 within the last month to enter their store.

The reason they’ve given is that they have a pregnant staff member and have implemented it for her and their staff’s safety.

“Hate us if you want, this is our stance and new policy,” the store said in its Facebook post announcing the policy.

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17 days ago

good move, lets hope this tactic spreads everywhere

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
17 days ago

Interesting move. Between the businesses that won’t allow one inside if they haven’t been vaccinated and those that won’t allow one inside if they have been vaccinated, we’ll be able to see which type of business prospers more.

This business is only asking those vaccinated within the last 4 weeks not to come inside, they will eventually be far enough away from those 4 weeks to eventually enter. This can’t be said for those who are unvaccinated. They won’t ever be able to enter.

Michael Chisholm
Michael Chisholm
17 days ago

You have to do the same as the store in Toronto and invoke that it is a Workers Health and Safety issue.
They use the laws that we use to protect our people against us, so we have to use the same laws against them. also use the trespass laws also .

Ferocious Flower
Ferocious Flower
15 days ago

Well, that’s an interesting spin on this entire kerfuffle.