Alberta, Canada: Pastor Speaks Out Against Government Seizing Church and Shutting It Down

Pastor James Coates in front of fencing aroung GraceLife Church, Youtube
Edmonton, Alberta: James Coates, the pastor of GraceLife Church, spent 35 days in jail for refusing to reduce the size of his services and turn away 85% of his flock, forcing them to distance, wear masks and avoid singing. He was released in late March. The GraceLife Church was shut down and a fence was built around it by health and police officials last week . Pastor Coates said that his church has been targeted because it embarrassed the authoritarian government by showing that its lockdown measures are harmful and unnecessary.

Pastor Coates said that it is clear that the people of the Province of Alberta want to return to life as usual and the excuse that it is a health issue is false and that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is following an agenda that is detrimental to the people. Coates stated that the only way that people will return to normal is to take back their power, in a peaceful way. He said that when people stop complying, the pandemic policies will go away.


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terry shead
terry shead
1 month ago

This Pastor is spot on the virus is a complete con con and con Freedom.

1 month ago

I heard the gestapo just arrested this guy.

John Boscogolvitch
John Boscogolvitch
1 month ago

I don’t believe in God or Jesus or any of that, but I’d attend this guys church because they seem to be the only ones who are standing up to the BIG LIE.