Will Mankind Be Extinct In a Few Years?


According to a new book by Dr Shanna Shaw, Count Down, the male sperm count in Western industrial countries is falling at a dramatic rate. Shaw estimates that, over the past four decades, the average sperm count has dropped by 50% or more. Shaw estimates that, unless toxic chemical exposures in agriculture and the environment are dramatically curtailed, we may not have the ability to reproduce naturally much longer and, by 2050, most humans in the industrial countries, including China, will need technological assistance to procreate. Swan believes the cause is due to the rise in toxic chemical exposures, including phthalates (chemicals that make plastics soft), Bisphenol A (which make plastics hard), flame retardants, Teflon, and many others. Agricultural pesticides also are cited as a major problem primarily because they get into groundwater and the food chain. The pesticide Azatrine, widely used on US corn crops and sugarcane, is a potent endocrine disruptor. A study of its effects on frogs showed that it blocks sperm production in three-quarters of male frogs and turns one in 10 into females. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most widely used pesticide, is linked to birth defects, reproductive problems, and liver disease. Since all these effects are well known, one can only wonder if use of these chemicals is allowed by governments as part of a planned depopulation agenda. If so, it is working. -GEG

It’s no secret that Bill Gates and the advocates of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 are also devout promoters of human eugenics, the “thinning of the Human Herd” as Britain’s misanthropic Prince Philip once put it. Some such as Joachim Schnellnhuber, climate adviser to the Pope, openly welcome a human population below one billion as “sustainable.” Now serious research is emerging that one of the most effective reducers of the human population is being spread by so-called “modern scientific agriculture” through the select use of toxic agrochemicals, pesticides deemed safe which are anything but safe.

According to a new book by Dr Shanna Shaw, Count Down, the male sperm count in Western industrial countries, including the EU and USA, is falling at a dramatic rate. Shaw estimates that over the past four decades the average sperm count has dropped by 50% or more. In other words a young male today seeking to have a family has only half the sperm count his grandfather did, half the chance to conceive. Shaw estimates that unless toxic chemical exposures in agriculture and the environment are dramatically altered, we may not have the ability to reproduce naturally much longer, and that by 2050 most human beings in the industrial countries, including China, will need technological assistance to procreate.

Shaw’s book is a further elaboration of a 2017 peer-reviewed scientific paper which Shaw and colleagues published. In the paper, Shaw carefully analyzed a total of 244 estimates of Sperm Concentration and Total Sperm Count (TSC) from 185 studies of 42 935 men who provided semen samples in 1973–2011. What they found was alarming to the extreme. But beyond a few media headlines, no changes of consequence resulted, as the powerful agrochemical corporations such as Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta, DowDuPont (now Corteva) lobbied regulators to ignore the findings.

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MJ Raichyk
MJ Raichyk
4 months ago

Any of the fellows wanting their offspring to be in the future, had better start taking ASCORBATE TO BOWEL TOLERANCE to keep the toxins swept harmlessly away… KEEP your C level to saturation everyday with the natural universal antitoxin……..

of course, you can stop worrying about China since THEY MANUFACTURE 90% OF THE WORLD’s ASCORBATES…



Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
4 months ago

I suspect prescription drugs, vaccines, fluoridation, and geoengineering play a part in this, too, as well as causing Alzheimer’s and cancer.

4 months ago

Add to this the Sterilizing potential denounced by many Biologists and Geneticists regarding the new C*v*d jab and you can imagine Gates is gleefully jumping up and down..

4 months ago

It’s these man made toxins that will cause the Human Race to be close to extinct or until 500M is left and the 1%ers already know who they are decades ago and the Great Reset is their ultimate goal. Climate Change, 5G and Covid 19 Synthetic Genetic injections is their Narrative for Agenda 30. This is for those who are logical thinkers by basically looking at both sides of a discussion what if Viruses are not as Contagious as we have all been led to believe. What if Viruses is like an army that rids of toxicity in our cells… Read more »

Elaine Biggerstaff
Elaine Biggerstaff
2 months ago

Chemical warfare, contraception, abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, fake man-made global warming, not enough resources to sustain a population above some arbitrary number, genetic manipulation, widespread sterilization of men and women,the insane LBGHTYKSOO….denial that there are only two sexes, sodomy growing, “transgenderism”, digital ID implants, human fetal experimentation, animal-hybrid experiments, The Great Reset-a fusion of physical and biological components of human beings with digital implants of all kinds, implanting a mesh in human brains, worldwide and unprecedented spread of the most insane lies purported to be the truth, indoctrinating children into hating their skin color if white, their country if America,… Read more »

Elaine Biggerstaff
Elaine Biggerstaff
27 days ago

I have been trying to find the cause of so many people who are now certifiably insane and this may be the answer. Chemical poisoning the natural functions of the brain. It make sense. Nothing much else does.

Last edited 27 days ago by Elaine Biggerstaff
23 days ago

Look up how flouride in our drinking water effects boys ……….