More than 100,000 Migrants Flooded US Borders in February. 13,000 Children are in US Custody. Just the Beginning…

Illegal immigration surged at the southern border after President Biden assumed office. The Biden administration ordered the halting of the construction of the border wall on his first day in office and he reversed a policy that required asylum seekers to go back to Mexico while they wait for hearing dates. More than 100,000 migrants attempted to cross the border in February and more than 9,000 children crossed without a parent or guardian. More than 13,000 children are in US custody, and CNN reported they are being held in overcrowded facilities, confined in small spaces, and don’t see sunlight or shower for days. Reporters have been blocked from touring the facilities. Investigative journalist Drew Hernandez reported that, in addition to child smuggling, “we have all these pedophiles, rapists, and kidnappers being released into the United States.” -GEG

Amid the largest surge in migrant arrivals in 20 years and a rise in the number of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border, officials continued to urge people not to make the journey towards the United States.

In an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, President Joe Biden cited a “mess that was inherited” from his predecessor Donald Trump and repeated the White House message that now is not the time for would-be migrants and asylum seekers to show up at US borders.

“Yes, I can say quite clearly: don’t come over,” Biden said.

“The process is getting set up – and it’s not gonna take a whole long time – is to be able to apply for asylum in place,” he said. “So don’t leave your town or city or community.”

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