FDA Issues Emergency-Use Authorization for Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 Injection

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A Center for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee voted to recommend approval for Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine, the third manufacturer to receive an Emergency Use Authorization.

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, an expert on the failures of the Johnson & Johnson anthrax vaccine that injured thousands of soldiers 20 years ago, says that, although there are some differences between this adenovirus injection and the other two RNA vaccines already approved, there are many similarities, such as the fact that this type of treatment has never been approved before, there never have been human trials that prove safety or effectiveness, there is no proof that it blocks infection and transmission, and there are numerous reasons to suspect it will cause extensive injuries and death.

The company says the product is 66% effective against moderate to severe disease in the trials, but merely having a headache and a cough was sufficient to place subjects in the “moderate to severe” category. That means many if not most of the so-called 66% effective results were people who would never have become seriously ill even without treatment of any kind. In other words, doing nothing might have produced better results that 66%. -GEG


The FDA’s vaccine advisory committee met yesterday, Friday, February 26th, and gave their endorsement to the FDA to issue the EUA.

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, a leading national expert on the failures of the military anthrax vaccine listened to the meeting yesterday, and today she published what she learned from the vaccine committee meeting:

Does the vaccine work? The vaccine is said to be 66% effective against moderate to severe disease in the trials, and 100% protective against death.

In the clinical trials, having a headache and a cough was enough to put subjects in the “moderate to severe” category. Like the two mRNA vaccines, the vaccine sponsors apparently did not see fit to test whether their vaccines block infection and transmission in humans.

This is the fault of the FDA, which sets the standard for the data needed to obtain an EUA.

Is it safe? What was the placebo?

After a discussion, J and J’s lead corrected himself and said it was simply saline. The reported adverse events were practically identical between the saline placebo and the vaccine.

Only hives, ringing in the ears (which eventually resolved) and a small number of blood clots were considered possible vaccine side effects.

I have a hard time believing saline caused all those local (and systemic) effects. Only a subset of the subjects in the trials were evaluated for side effects. Why was that?

I can’t tell if this vaccine is safe and I doubt anyone else can, either. Nor do I want to be injected with something manufactured by the anthrax vaccine manufacturer, famed for injuring thousands of soldiers twenty years ago, while making 300% profit margins.

Americans either love or hate the Covid vaccines. The term vaccine seems to give them a luster they probably don’t deserve.

How many Americans understand they are all experimental, unlicensed products, only permitted for use under an “Emergency Use Authorization” rule that require a minimum standard of evidence?  The law simply says that in order to receive an authorization,

“the known and potential benefits of the product, when used to diagnose, prevent, or treat such disease or condition, outweigh the known and potential risks of the product, taking into consideration the material threat posed by the agent or agents identified in a declaration under subsection (b)(1)(D), if applicable” 

So, the more its sponsor knows about adverse effects, the more trouble the vaccine is likely to have getting its EUA. Accordingly, it is better for the adverse effects to be as unknown as possible.

Adenoviruses are double-stranded DNA viruses. So instead of mRNA, DNA coding for the spike protein has been inserted into an adenovirus.

The virus will enter human cells and its DNA will enter the cell nucleus, which will then produce mRNA, and just like with the mRNA vaccines, our own cells will make spike proteins. For how long?

Subjects vaccinated with this vaccine developed increasing immunity over a prolonged period, suggesting that spike protein might be made for a long period of time.

We don’t know for how long, nor how much is too much. But there are definite concerns about how spike proteins can potentially harm us, and how they may prime us for autoimmune reactions to either a Covid infection or to later doses of vaccine.

Are we guinea pigs?  The EUA legislation specifies that recipients must be given considerably more information than is provided with other vaccines. Still, I wonder how many recipients understand that they are part of a vast experiment, with the potential to cause very serious consequences?

Read full article here…

Additional source:   https://thepostmillennial.com/cdc-panel-approves-emergency-use-johnson-vaccine

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Phillip Mezzapelle
Phillip Mezzapelle
1 year ago

How much money did Johnson & Johnson contribute to the Biden Harris campaign?

1 year ago

Many years ago J&J was sued biecause their talcum powder for babies and children was show to be CANCERIGENOUS.. do you trust their vaccine ??

1 year ago

They can sedate me and inject me in my prison cell. Friggin’ zombie juice.

1 year ago

Could Dr Sherri Tenpenny with her extensive experience that majority of the severe side effects could happen from 3 to 6 months after the second dose from the mRNA Vaccines?